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Kings of the Night is an Alliance guild on the Garona server.

Who We Are

Kings of the Night strives to be a friendly, family oriented guild. We are a guild that raids rather than a raiding guild. The difference is small but significant. Raiding is something that a lot of our members are interested in, but it is not the guild's focus. We don't limit our recruiting to only those who will help our raids, or only people who are level 60. We don't make anybody do anything except follow our few, simple rules. Want to raid? Great. Don't want to raid? That's fine too. We'll still invite you, but nobody will take it personally if you choose to do your own thing.

Whom We Want

Quality people > quality players. It doesn't get simpler than that. If you are a good person, you can find a home here. We can always help someone become a better player. Good people are what makes a guild fun, not good players. The best tank in the world isn't welcome here if he's a jerk. Nuff said.

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