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The Keepers of the Realm is an Alliance guild on the Server:Scarlet Crusade US. We are a (mostly) adult group that strives to combine friendly open fun with serious raiding. Ok, not that serious.

We are currently running ZG, AQ20, Onyxia and Molten Core. As of the end of October we have completed MC and ZG. On Friday October 27 we cleared MC in one night. We did the same in ZG on Monday October 30th. We are working our way through AQ20 now, and are just starting BWL as well.

Our web site can be found at Keepers of the Realm. There is much more information about the Keepers there.

Keepers welcomes non-guildies to our runs, and have openings typically for nearly all casting classes (Druids, Priests, Mages and Warlocks). We are also recruiting actively in most of those classes.

In an unusual twist, Keepers is run as a republican organization, with an elected group of 5 High Councillors setting policy. We have no single GM.

For in game information, please whisper Atlantus, Starwind, Moldyapple, Jessyca or Llunis.

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