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KATIPUNERO is an all Filipino, family-oriented, casual raiding guild on Trollbane - within the World of Warcraft game.

In the spirit of our ancestral Katipuneros, we pride ourselves with having a "samahan", a tight-knit camaraderie and we do our best to help each other on working towards the guild's progression.

We have (2) 10-man Groups that runs every WEDNESDAY and/or FRIDAY. We speak our Filipino native tongue Tagalog in chat and Ventrilo, we speak English sometimes inside the guild and most of the time outside of the guild.

RECRUITMENT STATUS: We are always looking for FILIPINO PLAYERS like yourself! Any questions please visit our forum or contact officers in-game.

Guild Progression Edit

Recruitment Edit

KATIPUNERO is looking for DEDICATED raiding Pinoys with the following class & spec:


  • Paladin - Prot/Heal (1)
  • Priest - Shadow (1) and Holy (2)
  • Warrior - Prot (2)


  • MUST BE FILIPINO Full or Part (see below)
  • Level 80 Character
  • RAID DEDICATED individual with a raid spec character.
  • Knowledge of your class and your role in the raid.
  • Fully prepared to raid: read/watch about dungeon fights and bring your consumables.
  • Ventrilo and a microphone.
  • No drama. No complaining. No whining.
  • Must be 18 and up.
  • Mature enough to accept and give constructive criticism.
  • Practice self-sacrifice and kindness. As well as have a sense of humor.

If you are interested in joining, please fill up an application on our website and we will contact you as soon as it has been reviewed:

Raid Days and Times Edit

KATIPUNERO has two 10-man groups named Aguila and Kidlat. Aguila raids are during the weekends and Kidlat raids are during the week. These two groups are currently focused on Eye of Eternity and Ulduar.

The 25-man raids are held on Tuesday for Heroic Obsidian Sanctum, Fridays for Heroic Naxxramas, Sundays for Heroic Eye of Eternity. Once we get more DEDICATED raiders and we are aptly geared, we will replace Heroic Naxxramas with Heroic Ulduar.

All raids start at 9:30pm Server Time (which is Eastern).

Guild Equity Edit

Aside from great people, the guild has the following to offer:

  • 6 Guild Bank Tabs
  • High Level Crafters
  • Ventrilo Server, 35 Max Users
  • Website w/Forum

Spoken Languages Edit

The members speak in the Filipino native tongue Tagalog. However enable to co-exist with others who aren't familiar with the language, English is mostly spoken inside and outside the guild environment.

Guild members are not required to know Tagalog but it is recommended to understand the chatter in the guild channel as well as Ventrilo.

History of the Guild Edit

KATIPUNERO was formed on the 10th of February, 2009 - which was a merge from two separate RL friends guilds. The individuals who formed this guild found each other with the commonality of having Filipino heritage.

After several weeks of running and gearing through 5-man heroics and joining PUGs 10-man raids, the guild decided that it was time to expand and grow it's numbers. This is so that the guild can independently run 10-man raids and eventually 25-man raids to fully enjoy the current and upcoming contents.

As a result the KATIPUNERO website was officially established on Thursday, March 6, 2009. In addition, recruitment statements were posted on forums.

The recruitment effort has proven to be a success. Since the inception of the guild website and forum postings, there has been a steady infusion of Pinoys transferring from different servers, hailing from all over the United States, Canada and even the Philippines. More and more Pinoys joined all through the month of April.

On May 5, 2009, KATIPUNERO conducted it's very first Heroic Obsidian Sanctum, Sarth +1 and completed it with only 22 people. The following week, on May 11, 2009, the guild cleared it's first Heroic Naxxramas with only 21 in the raid. A couple of weeks ends later, on May 22, 2009, Heroic Naxxramas was designated on farm status due to its completion with ease of 4.5 hours.

KATIPUNERO is now refocusing to be a progression-based raiding guild yet still the same friendly Pinoys.

Guild Name Origin Edit

The question usually arises when one is intrigued by the guild name, "What does Katipunero mean?"

A KATIPUNERO was a Filipino rebel belonging to the Katipunan, a Philippine revolutionary organization founded in 1892 by Filipinos, which aimed to gain independence from Spain.

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