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Kalimdors Legion is a casual raiding guild located on the Hydraxis-US Server (Horde Faction)

Kalimdors Legion Guild Masters are Wren and Killz (Mooz is his main now)

KL currently maintains a roster of approximately 336 characters

Guild Progression as of April 2008 has TBC content cleared through Black Temple. All Teir Content has been cleared and is currently on farm status. Doomwalker has been downed as a collaborative effort using players from several guilds. We are truly designed as a casual raiding guild and the GM's intend to keep it that way, allowing only 3 serious raiding nights per progression week.

Officers Include

Sevendust "I hate you"

Gear aka Likeomg "Don't mean to sound gay but I love you all"

Inamic "Well it's really more of a sidegrade"


Kelrenis "Stop the Cyborz"

Trayven "I wish I could clone myself 24 times... and make the perfect Raid"

Xand "Great Job Guys"

Our Kickass Raid Leader

Dracen "Lets Focus People - No more purple foreskin in /1"

Our Homepage is and is maintained and updated regularly, and is home to the infamous Bullocks' Visual Dump of Mental Prozac.

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