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KILL IT WITH FIRE is a casual PvE guild on Khadgar (EU) that raids 10-man dungeons.

This guild was formed on Khadgar by Pokeer, Necrolyte, Vlorlesh, Snuzzer and Perkulator. It is a friendly guild where everyone knows each other. There is limited recruiting due to the fact that it is mailny a guild for friends. For more information you can contact Pokeer, or any of the officers in game.

Guild progress Edit

Weekly raid schedule Edit

These dates are subject to change due to the opening of Ulduar (instance)

Raid RulesEdit

  • 3xFlasks for EVERY raid
  • 20xFoodbuff for EVERY raid
  • Accept/decline raids latest 5:00 PM Server same day. Else inform an officer or a member of the guild. Just make sure the message gets through.
  • No complaining over wipes at progress raid, this stuff takes time!
  • If raidleaders agree so, you will be forced to get of your alt character and log on your main if it helps the raid. 100% the raid leader(s) choice.
  • Raid stops when its announced (22 on weekdays, 23 on weekends), unless we got enough people who wants to carry on. No complaining if it ends, period.

Officers Edit

Pokeer, Guildmaster
Necrolyte, Officer
Vlorlesh, Officer
Snuzzer, Officer

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