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Jungle Style is an end-game raiding guild with a small group of awesome raiders.

This guild was formed on Windrunner. It is dedicated towards end game instances, and we only recruit people with experience. To fill out an application go to For more information you can contact Samora, Sparkles, Terafina, Pamperednoob, Llithkaala, Seegondwra, or Io in game.

Guild progress Edit

Wrath of the Lich KingEdit

The Burning CrusadeEdit

History Edit

This guild was originaly formed by Paryiah and a group of friends. After splitting from a previous guild in September, 2007, they quickly gained new members and began clearing Karazhan immediately.

Samora is the new GM for the guild's venture into Northrend.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • Tuesday, 6:00 PM Server
  • Wednesday, 6:00 PM Server
  • Thursday, 6:00 PM Server
  • Sunday, 6:00 PM Server

Raid rules Edit

  • Be on time. This means logged in and at the raid location for formup - typically 15 minutes prior to the raid start time. Unless special circumstances arise, people who are on-location will receive spots over those that need summons.
  • Come prepared with consumables. Health/mana potions, bandages, other elixirs/flasks, ammo, reagents, etc. Sometimes runs use more consumables than normal - this is fine. For most regular runs, you should have enough to cover yourself without having to ask for more of anything.
  • Know or have an idea of the drops that you are likely to see, and how those items impact you (big upgrade, sidegrade, etc.) Loot distribution is the slowest part of the raid, and having people prepared to make decisions on items ahead of time will drastically speed this up.
  • Unless it is a guild-first attempt on a boss, know the strategy. You can get this either from guild members (more helpful) or from online strategies. Guild strategy is preferred because we often tweak what are considered common strategies to work with our play style.
  • Be prepared to stay for the planned duration of the raid. We will generally limit raids to 3 hours to prevent burnout. If the raid wishes to continue after that, it should be a unanimous decision. If you are unable to stay for the entire raid or will be late to the start, reflect this by placing your signup on standby.
  • Signup order is not necessarily important. All signups for an event should be prepared to go (see above). The group composition will be adjusted to achieve balance based on class makeup, preparedness, and other considerations.
  • The raid leader is responsible for the direction and success of the raid. If a raid member is not performing at the level required by the raid event, they may be asked to step out for a more prepared member. If they are asked to step out, it is not personal. Just seek some advice on how to improve for the next run.
  • During a raid, keep Ventrilo clear for directions and warnings from the raid leader. Raid chat is for joking and chatting, but it is important that the raid leader be able to communicate in order to keep runs moving. Down time is not only counterproductive, it also detracts from the fun.
  • Non-progression raids will attempt to include as many recruits and new members as the raid leader deems appropriate while still ensuring the balance of the run. Raids are the ideal place to evaluate new recruits for a raiding guild. Progression runs will likely be optimized based on class and performance to try to maximize the chances of success. If overbooked, full members will receive priority slots over recruits on progression runs.
  • We use JSPS system for loot.

Guild Rule Edit

Mission Statement, [1]
Guild Charter, [2]

Officers Edit

User:Samora, King Kong
Sparkles, Officer
Terafina, Officer
Io, Officer
Pamperednoob, Officer

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