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Jane Doe is an Alliance Guild on Terokkar EU.

History Edit

Guild Master - Verde created Jane Doe as a Raiding & PvP guild on 11.03.2010. Over time it grew to include past members of guilds such as "The Monkey Tree" and "Sanitarium". In recent times, Verde has retired from the game and the GM mantle has passed to Juurikkala. Jane Doe has an unusually strong community, built on the back bone of raiding with a heavy dose of the social thrown in.

The Perfect Guild Could be right here! Edit

Are you looking to raid and enjoy guild cauldrons? Are you looking for a social guild with active members to jump into M+ with? Are you looking for some light-hearted chat to liven up the levelling process and those lovely XP perks and heirlooms? Would you like a base to hit some PvP from in rated BGs? Would you like a guild that is mature enough to let you be immature? Are you in the EU region for servers?

Well, believe it or not, there is a guild that can do it all for you. Yes, dare I say it, we, Jane Doe, Raid, PeeVeePee and Levul. Plenty of guilds on Terokkar EU can claim the same, so what makes Jane Doe different?

We have a strong back bone, built from our 10 man raid teams. After flex and 20man mythic raiding this have evolved to 2 teams LR (Mythic oriented) and EoL (Hc oriented). This back bone of the guild gives us a stability and resilience that smaller guilds are not able to offer in quite the same way. We are a raiding guild, but those raiders have alts, down time and also attract friends from other guilds who come for the social side. In the past as a group we have organised several fun events, from Gnome raids on Hogger, naked races across Eastern Kingdoms to PvP in Gurabashi against some of our dear Horde friends. We yearly held a summer party where guildmates from across Europe are traveling to enjoy themselves together.

For the rest of the Legion expansion, we aim to continue to be active in all PVE aspects of Azeroth. Raiding (both for progression and on old content for achievements and fun), social activities and much more can all be found within this one guild.

For more information, visit and visit the forums located under the social tab.

We're a Warcraft guild first and foremost but you might fund a few other things to tickle your fancy.

Guild Applications Edit

Jane Doe are looking to expand our ranks. We are looking for more dedicated raiders, pvpers, social members, full raid groups.

If you’re looking for a raiding spot, you’ll need to apply on the website at [1]. Raiders need dedication, loyalty and commitment. It wouldn’t hurt to have a sense of humour, if you cry after one wipe then raiding may not be for you. You should know that we use Discord to communicate for raiding, it’s free, quick to set up and operates with far more ways to socialize than other similar programs. Check out the teams that are currently recruiting and see where you might fit in. We have 2 teams from our most progressed team to one which is more casual in their goal orientation. Don’t mistake being casual for being unprepared though! If there is a particular team you are interested in, talk to the raid leader first. Each team operates slightly differently and have different goals, make sure you understand those and are happy that they match your own, after all if you want all-out progression 4 nights a week then you don’t want to be raiding with the team who raids twice a week and is happy to have fun and trash talk each other.

For social applicants, we only request that you have character in the guild and quickly fill out the short application on the website to ensure you are not a complete numpty. Although you may still be accepted even if you are. Noobs are welcome. Once you have your character in the guild and we’re satisfied you aren’t a complete tool, alts are welcome too.

Why is Jane Doe so stable? Namely because the core of the guild have been together in one form or another since early in the realm’s history. We may have had different names over our heads but ultimately we’ve all stayed close and remained guild mates. We are a fun group with a mature-immature attitude, basically don’t be a di*k but have fun, it’s a game after all.

Video Edit

Jane Doe - Mutilate vs Atramedes05:09

Jane Doe - Mutilate vs Atramedes

Jane Doe - Eden vs Yogg Saron 2506:29

Jane Doe - Eden vs Yogg Saron 25

Jane Doe - Mutilate Vs Algalon the Observer09:42

Jane Doe - Mutilate Vs Algalon the Observer

Algalon the Observer Heroic by Jane Doe06:54

Algalon the Observer Heroic by Jane Doe

Jane Doe vs The Whale Shark05:01

Jane Doe vs The Whale Shark

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