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Guild InformationEdit

About Jaded SoulsEdit

Created in February of 2007, Jaded Souls is a family-friendly, casual raiding, PvE guild located on the Steamwheedle Cartel Server of World of Warcraft.

Tired of the "typical" raiding guild scene and the overwhelming attitude that casual guilds can't progress, Jaded Souls was created with a main goal in mind... to have fun. In the nearly 3 years of WoW existence we've seen far too many good players get treated unfairly. Our intention was to create an atmosphere where people could kick back and relax without having to worry about DKP, or not being able to be online 24-7. Our target player is the casual one who has responsibilities outside of this game... family, work, school etc. These players are the ones who don't want to be berated on Ventrilo for not "towing the line" in raids. They're the husband-wife teams who juggle life, toddlers and just want to log on and bash a few kobold in the head after dealing with customer service at the telephone company.

So what is Jaded Souls?

Jaded Souls... ~ is a guild created for people who understand that WoW is merely a game and it's meant to be fun.

Jaded Souls... ~will never incorporate a DKP system for raiding loot distribution.

Jaded Souls... ~is family friendly which is evident by the number of husband/wife teams, sibling teams and family members that make up the Jaded Souls roster.

Jaded Souls... ~is dedicated to no drama. TNT does drama, Young and the Restless does drama, Jaded Souls does not! If you want soap opera style guild chat we suggest you move on.

Our members are some of the most talented folks that Steamwheedle Cartel has to offer. Friendly, generous, and extremely knowledgeable, Jaded Souls members are what makes this guild the best on the server.

Jaded OfficersEdit

Joining Jaded SoulsEdit

First and foremost: We don't care whether you're a good player or not. We care whether you're a good person. We can always help you to become a good player, but usually not vice versa. Basically, if you're a selfish jerk; move on.

  • Minimum level 80
  • We are family-friendly, but feel that the MMO environment is best for adults. Real life age 18 and over, please. Underage children of current members may be admitted at the parent's discretion.
  • Read over the general rules & policies for this guild as well as the raid loot rules.
  • Submit an Application. Please allow 24-48 hrs for leadership to review your application.
  • In game interview with guild leader will be completed after initial review of the application.
  • If extended an invitation you will be placed at the rank of Initiate for a period of 14 days. During this time leadership will observe recruit's behaviors and attitudes. This period is also the time for the new recruit to determine if JS is indeed a good choice for them.
  • Initiates may have additional characters admitted to the guild.
  • Initiates may attend Jaded Souls events as long as there is room. Initiates may sign up for and be considered for raid events on equal terms with full members. We encourage all recruits to get to know other members by seeking out groups/instances and questing help.
  • Initiates must adhere to all guild policy and rules. Infractions of basic rules while at the rank of Initiate may result in permanent removal from the guild. This decision will be determined by the severity of the situation.
  • Exceptions to the minimum level requirement are as follows:
    • If a player is recommended and sponsored by a member of Jaded Souls, the minimum level may be overlooked.
    • RL family members: spouse/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/child etc. - will be admitted.

Jaded Souls RaidingEdit


MINIMUM CLASS REQUIREMENTS TO BEGIN RAIDING (Naxxramas is the entry level raid)

  • Tanks must meet the baseline Defense requirement to be uncrittable (540 for Warriors, Death Knights, and Paladins).
  • Healing classes must have a minumim of 1300 bonus spellpower.
  • DPS classes must be able to maintain a minimum of 1500 sustained DPS.

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