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Isten Ostorai (IO) (meaning the “The Scourges of the God” which fraise commonly used of Huns and their leader Attila while attacking Western Europe in AC 434-453) was created Sept 05, 2007, by Hungarian players, whom transferred from Server:Draenor_Europe realm, searching for native Hungarian players. The guild members are all Hungarian speakers, 100% native Hungarians. Isten Ostorai is a semi hardcore guild, based on real life social relationship of the founders, and friendly spirit.

One month after the founding the guild cleared Karazhan. Soon afterwards ZA first three boss was on the kill list (Nalorakk, Halazzi, Akil'zon). Gruul first kill the followed suit (with only 19 raider). 25 man raid instance was started in 01/2008 whit Maulgar, and both SSC and The Eye bosses was hunted down one by one (Lurker, Hydross, Void Reaver, Al'ar, Solarian, Morogrim, Leotheras, Karathress, Magtheridon).

Under the guidance of the officers and the raid leaders, Shreya, Rawulf, Paplan, and Busma Isten Ostorai has progressed swiftly. The guild has killed Lady Vashj before (May 09, 2008) the T6 attunement was removed from the game. Isten Ostorai is currently raiding Mount Hyjal and Black Temple. Progress in both has been swift, with Archimonde tries and 4/9 down in Black Temple.

The guild leaders felt the The Eye progress unfinished without putting down Kael'thas_Sunstrider. After total of seven raid event, Isten Ostorai responded the challenge, and killed Keal’thas Sunstrider on July 24, 2008, placing the guild server 24th.

The guild is eager for new kills and bosses and kept progressing in the T6 content, hoping they can finish the whole content before of the new expansion pack.

The guild gained some respect and notoriety in the Hungarian WoW community by doing [[1]Heroic IronMan] (all heroic instances in one day) runs.

Guild Structure

GM: Paplan

Class Leaders:
Druid: Rawulf
Hunter: Horasz
Shaman: Busma,
Priest: Noaide,
Mage: Lewsterin,
Rogue: Végzet,
Paladin: Paplan,
Warlock: Twinsen,
Warrior: Delicatesse

Current Recruitment Status

Open for applications.

Raid Progress

Karazhan & ZA: cleared
Gruul's Lair and Magtheridon's Lair: cleared
Tempest Keep: cleared
Serpentshrine Cavern: cleared
Mounth Hyjal: 4/5 down, next target is Archimonde.
Black Temple: 4/9 down.

External links:

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15 heroic instance in one day Youtube video
16 heroics in one day Video to download
Blog of Delicatesse, MT of Isten Ostorai Hungarian only
Article about the first IronMan run Hungarian only
Article about the second (16 instance) IronMan run Hungarian only

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