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About Edit

Iron Exercere One of the longest running guilds in World of Warcraft, a friendly and mature casual/family guild that was formed on 1/13/05 by founding members Coplin, Nazzel and Faustus. There are currently 200+ accounts. The average member is in their late 20s / early 30s and there are multiple married couples in the guild.

The guild does have a raid core that raid casually...however raiding is not a requirement and members are not kicked out for inactivity. We play to have fun, have some laughs and help each other out.

Officers and Class Leads: Edit

Jefe: GM/GL of Iron Exercere. Tree of life.

Shari:General/officer, Raid Leader.

Tezza: General/Officer, Guild Mom and leader of mages.

Zahru Officer and warlock leader.

Wrenzo: (Mog):General/Officer and Leader of beer.

Cizco: Officer, Warrior CL and father to the Exercerian Class. One half of the Iron Wall.

Giliandalaim:Officer, Exercerian Lead. 2nd half of the Iron Wall.

Sarron: Officer

Recruitment Edit

Recruitment is done via an application process on the IE website. Players are welcome to group or raid with us before applying to see if our family is for you.

Applicants who receive a guild invite will be in a standard probationary Recruit status for one month. After this time recruits in good standing will become full Members of the guild.

For more information please visit the Iron Exercere website.

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