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Guild Recruitment Edit

Intensity is currently recruiting all classes and specs for ICC and all other content.

Ui-charactercreate-classes deathknightDeath Knight Ui-charactercreate-classes druidDruid Ui-charactercreate-classes hunterHunter Ui-charactercreate-classes mageMage Ui-charactercreate-classes paladinPally Ui-charactercreate-classes priestPriest Ui-charactercreate-classes rogueRogue Ui-charactercreate-classes shamanShaman Ui-charactercreate-classes warlockWarlock Ui-charactercreate-classes warriorWarrior


Guild Masters Edit

  • Ui-charactercreate-classes druidEudaemonea (80)- GM

Guild Officers Edit

  • Ui-charactercreate-classes rogueKleptoman
  • Lead positions are currently open for Healing, Ranged, Tanking and Melee

About the Leads and GMs Edit

Intensity is not a guild that will ever have an bloated rank of officers that do nothing. Each of the Leads and GM has extensive experience raiding, leading and a solid understanding of specs, classes and content in the game and most of them have played multiple different classes.

History Edit

Intensity was formed on Dethecus on July 13, 2009. We are a server transfer reform guild from Terokkar. We are a casual guild that raids here and there with an emphasis on achievements, rep grinding, mount farming and things outside of raids to keep us occupied and amused.

The guild as a whole is a group of people that know right from wrong. Each person is screened to make sure the guild is not recruiting immature, inconsiderate, obnoxious players. The environment in the guild is casual and laid back, with the exception of raid time. Raiding with Intensity can be fun, but the guild does take progression very seriously and expect the raiders to come prepared and ready to work on content when we go into a raid. The guild asks that the members know the difference between casual time and "work" time. Raiding is work. Leveling, 5 mans, farming is casual time. People that show up to raids with the mindset that they can cause commotions and be a nuisance are quickly redirected to other guilds that welcome that type of behavior.

Intensity has an age restriction in place for members. We require all applicants to be a minimum of 17 years of age.

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