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Current guild website Edit

You can visit the current Inquisition website by going to

Forming of Inquisition Edit


Early days of Inq.. Hina as ret spec, blessing BoK 40 people every 5mins was fun

Inquisition was formed on the 26th of December 2004 with the ambition of becoming a leading guild in the Player Vs Environment that is offered in the dynamic content of World of Warcraft.

Founding members Fyre (guild leader/slut), Thoringrim, Liberate (KIA), Wetworks, Campari, Astolpho (regulators fanboi), Sticky, Serbitar (runs cyb0r store now), Milynn and Reptile came together in determination to progressing the guild to this state whilst maintaining a competitive edge in Player Versus Player that the Blackrock server's rule contains.

Through a wobbly recruitment process at first and an inner purging of the wicked(GG JD), Inquisition quickly sweeped through the Blackrock player base to establish a hardworking, determined core of players who shared the same views of success.

Once the foundation was cemented, Inquisition immediately began work on building from this elite base to conquer all the bosses, foes and enemies offered within Azeroth.

Through endless (and boring?) runs of upper blackrock spire (before drak blood got "fixed to raid loot"), Inquisition quickly formed a team that succeeded on trust, great communication and the unbreakable will to succeed.

This has lead to Inquisition being the first alliance guild to defeating Onyxia, as well as being the first alliance guild to completely clear Molten Core.

But with rapid progress and a will to dominate the server as a whole, Inquisition has become the first on the server to defeat the New Ragnaros as well as defeat the Razorgore the untamed encounter post hotfix (without lag..), giving Inquisition the reputation of always being the leading guild and benchmark on Blackrock.

Inquisition only formed as a gaming team with common interest with people who levelled up together in the first wave from the launch of World of Warcraft. All sharing the same ambition and experience of past MMPORPGs high end content, the want to establish a team like Inquisition was bound to happen.

Using Ventrilo and the natural instincts of a mature and trusting gamer (sorry Gaea), Inquisition now approaches encounters and events with positive awareness and true grit. (without exploiting & cascading funnily enough).

- written by Thoringrim, July 2005

Inquisition History Edit


Our first Nefarion kill


Twin Emps Kill


Original Naxxramas Grobbulus kill

Inquisition progressed quickly throughout end game content in classic WoW. Clearing Molten Core first on server and quickly taking out Blackwing Lair. It was during that time Inquisition would bare 4 consecutive Grand Marshals, Wetworks, Kyvaan, Crestfaly and Zoddi. Earning Pvp reputation world wide. Soon after Inquisition was gifted with Sulfuras the first legendary given to Hina. and Thunderfury given to Wetworks. Dragcannon would receive the next Sulfuras and Kiety the second Thunderfury. With a few set backs of leadership retirement Inquisition kept pressing on through Ahn'Qiraj and cleared it lead by Nightmayr, Milynn and Raxer. During the Naxxramas world event Inquisition stepped up its game and began clearing Naxx. In that time Redefined experienced a decline in raid activity and split, more than half of the guild members joining Inquisition in the process. This helped boost us to the final wings of Naxx. However, Inquisition suffered some guild disputes, several core players had quit or transferred, or people simply couldn't dedicate as many hours to raiding anymore. Inquisition broke down before clearing the instance they had worked so hard on.

With the release of The Burning Crusade, Inquisition faded into obscurity. Nightmayr transferred to Korgath, many players quit the game or transferred to play with friends. The remaining members left on the server wanted to continue playing together after forming strong relationships from the 3 years in Inquisition. Rav stepped up as guild leader for the formation of a new guild called Ascendancy. We had the potential to become one of top guilds on the server again, we got off to a good start by getting the first level 70 character on Blackrock Alliance (Damianrx). But our achievements didn't last long - because we didn't have many members remaining we lacked the appropriate classes for 25man raids. It didn't help that Rav also decided to dog us and stop playing soon after he got to 70 (now known as rat dog rav). With no one wanting to lead again, we were only able to complete Gruul's Lair and Karazhan before parting ways again. Most members still kept in touch by leaving alts in Ascendancy and using a private chat channel.

A few later, Wetworks made a return and took up leadership of Inquisition once more. Six months later the plan was formed, started by Ritishi, Kyrthorn and retired players coming back to revive Inq. Over the course of two weeks Inquisition was back to full raiding capacity. Clearing Kara in a matter of days. Progressing rapidly through Burning Crusade while sifting out a dedicated core of raiders but retaining a casual raiding guild status, clearing all content through to Black Temple before the nerf except for Magtheridon's Lair.

When Wrath of the Lich King opened Inquisition had a built itself a stable foundation from which to take on the new content in Northrend. Clearing 3 Drakes Obsidian Sanctum, Naxxramas (Heroic), Malygos, Ulduar, ToC25 and 8/12 ICC. All in 10 and 25 man versions.

Guild CommunicationEdit



Inquisition's website

In the first year or so, we were using a private forum to communicate on. If I remember correctly, it was running on one of Serbitar's servers. Later on, we had plans to develop a new website as we needed a guild website for new applicants because our guild was growing rapidly. After many discussions regarding the guild website, and no action taken - we had the luck of meeting Reptile's good friend (Dahkhan) who was a professional in the design industry. Working as a Creative Director at the time, Dahkhan designed us a great website and earned a spot in the guild! Eventually the design was sliced up by one of Dahkhan's friends. The code was then tweaked by Raxer and a CMS was implemented into the design. Reptile kindly let us use one of his servers for hosting as well.

The website was maintained by Reptile & Raxer, news was written by Scuzz, Leonardo, Guild Leaders and Officers.

Our site was originally located on the domain, but was changed to later. You can see some remnants of the website using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine website.

After the guild disbanded, members still kept in touch using the guild forums. It was interesting seeing what people were up to after we parted ways, especially the "Where are you now?" thread. Unfortunately the domain name expired on the 9th of June and now we have no way of contacting each other.


Although members weren't required to be on Ventrilo for raids, we still had a lot of activity on vent. The majority of our time on vent was full of laughter, especially in the early days of Inq - Mogul's late night stories of his misadventures in Hawaii, Scuzz's outbursts of rage especially during PvP, plus many more!

Unfortunately Ventrilo also caused a rift to form between members who used Vent and members who didn't. This was one of the reasons why the guild had disbanded. Many rumours were spread - saying that people on Vent spoke about other members behind their backs, and people being emo and sus about this activity didn't help either. Certain members (Kyvaan) were blaming leaders that the lack of Vent was impairing our progression.

The current Ventrilo is hosted by Rassmiss.

Members of Inquisition Edit

Leaders Edit


Fyre leading us through MC. View full size for a better view of Fyre!


Xethus gets pretty thirsty after buffing!


Wetworks in his full Bloodfang set & Thunderfury

This section is in honor of those who have lead Inquisition through its good times and bad times. The few who have been known as the Guild Master.

<Fyre> - Original Guild Leader - The original guild leader and creator of Inquisition. Formerly from the guild Crimson Dawn in the early Blackrock days, Fyre lead Inq through Blackrock Spire and Molten Core before retiring at the start of Blackwing Lair. Started playing a horde undead mage again later at an unknown date.

<Xethus> - Second Guild Leader - One of the most dedicated leaders ever, retired due to Rl commitments towards the end of AQ. Also a great modder who wrote many addOns which are still used today including the raid buff mod. Remembered for making 40+ [Admiral's Hat]s for the guild.

<Wetworks> - Third Guild Leader - Considered one of the greatest rogues on Blackrock due to his skills and [Ironfoe]! 2nd Alliance to level 60 on Blackrock, 4th Money achievement Grand Marshal on the server. Second on Blackrock Alliance to obtain [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]. Wetworks also known as (WW) retired for a year just before Inquisition downed C'thun. He returned 3 months into BC and lead the guild up through ICC in Wotlk passing down guild leadership once again. Returned shortly in Cataclysm to level to 85.

<Nightmayr> - Fourth Co-Guild Leader - Appointed as one of the three leaders after WW's 1 year retirement. He helped lead Inquisition into completing Ahn'Qiraj and nearly Clearing Naxxramas. After reaching 70 in BC he transferred to Korgath and joined Death and Taxes, then making a return to Blackrock joining Eminence and has disappeared since.

<Milynn> - Fourth Co-Guild Leader - Appointed as one of the three leaders after WW's 1 year retirement. Currently playing his priest Laurelle as his raiding character with Depth. Is currently raiding with <Eternal Requiem>

<Raxer> - Fourth Co-Guild Leader - Appointed as one of the three leaders after WW's 1 year retirement. Retired from the game soon after Ascendancy disbanded. Referred to as 'Hage' due to his baldness. Returned in Wrath to raid with Inq as a councilor up through ICC and the beginning of Cataclysm, has since retired again.

<Pain> - Fifth Guild Leader - Also known as Kyr, Became guild leader after WW's second retirement in Wrath of the Lich King and third retirement in Cataclysm, and is the current guild leader of Inquisition. Known to be a little to calm and has about 560 days played AFK, and only 103 days of actual played time.


This section is dedicated to Current and Former Officers of Inquisition.

<Carol> - Officer - Played a hand in creating Inquisitions Furbolg mascot. One of the most veteran members still around. Plays a Death Knight named Dahau in guild now.

<Crift> - Former Officer -

<Hina> - Officer -

<Kurosaki> - Former Officer - Original main tank of Inquisition, tanked first Onyxia kill in Greens. Retired from the game during BWL. Started playing a Shaman to 70 in BC and quit again soon after.

<Rav> - Officer -

<Kunflikt> - Former Officer - Originally joined mid bwl/aq40 days. Not afraid to argue. Hangs out with Vizzura irl a lot. Also known as Kunpally became an officer in WOTLK, he then left guild during ToC25 days due to disputes with guild leadership although still on good terms. Joined Eminence shortly after.

<Lethargic> - Officer - "Boba Fett- Greatest bounty hunter ever"- One of few dedicated rogue's that is still around. Has great skill in pve/ pvp content. His lingual skills are non-arguable. Intelligent one he is.

<Microtank> - Officer - Inquisitions main tank during Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. Has broken enough bones to receive the Purple Heart award. Retired in Wotlk to play Border Lands.

<Ritishi> - Officer - An Officer in BC, Had taken up a larger role in guild affairs in Wotlk becoming the right hand of Inquisition. Known for lasting 57 minutes against 8 Shamans.

<Tokie> - Officer - Officer in Wrath of the Lich King. Coined the term 'confuriating'. Started playing Death Knight, Tokion. Currently on break due to his thesis.

<Vifn> - Officer - Joined Inq during AQ40 clearing, quit during WOTLK for about 2 years. Returned for Cataclysm leading 10 man raids to tackle Dragonsoul, the last raid before Expansion hits. Currently plays a Death Knight, Vifz. Achieved Cataclysm Gladiator title on his DK.

Grand Marshals Edit

This section is dedicated to Current and Former Grand Marshals of Inquisition who had achieved the rank within guild.

<Crestfaly> - Grand Marshal - 3rd Money achievement Grand Marshal on Blackrock. A heavy duty pvp'er currently ranked in with almost 200,000 honorable kills and another 80,000 on paladin (Hakugin) who also achieved Gladiator. Created the guild "Slash PvP" a pvp guild of friends constantly releases arena videos. Now formed the guild <Hack and Slash> leading casual raids.

<Kyvaan> - Grand Marshal/Quintessential sheep - 8th Money achievement Grand Marshal on Blackrock. Apprentice to Wetworks and a popular commodity during his Blackrock days known for raging, whining and being emo. Bought into many conspiracy theories and believed leadership was stealing from the bank. Has returned to guild in Wotlk as a Dwarf Rogue named Kyvan.

<Mekzyo> - Grand Marshal - An early member of Inq who played a role in tanking off and on. Currently resides in Depth. Rumor has it he didn't wash all the way to Grand Marshal.

<Wetworks> Grand Marshal -

<Zoddi> - Grand Marshal - 7th Money achievement Grand Marshal on Blackrock. shortly after reaching rank 14, retired. Only person in guild to master getting closest to bosses without aggroing, also probably the richest person on Blackrock after holding his own casino in instances.

Legendary Edit

This section is dedicated to the brave few who have crafted or obtained a legendary item in Inquisitions name.

<Crift> - Val'Anyr Legendary - His heals are known to be over 9000!! Crafted [Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings] taking a seat as the 5th of Inquisition members to create a legendary. Also is the author of Healing for Dummies, and Holy Spec: Behind the Scenes. Achieved Gladiator in Season 5 arena in the 5vs5 bracket. Joined Eminence for undisclosed reasons.

<Dragcannon> - Sulfuras Legendary - Created Inquisitions second [Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros].

<Hina> - Sulfuras Legendary - Played a hand in creating Inquisitions Furbolg Mascot. Created the first [Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros] on Blackrock as well as Inqs first legendary overall.

<Kiety> - Thunderfury Legendary - Crafted Inquisitions second [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker], and acquired Money achievement Field Marshal title. Disappeared at level 67. Has an obsessive fascination with animated girls.

<Wetworks> - Thunderfury Legendary -

<Vifn / Vifz> - Sulfuras Legendary & Thunderfury Legendary

Class Leaders Edit

This section is dedicated to the Class Leaders who had lent their time and knowledge as the top of their class.

<Amelle> - Priest Class Leader - Skilled player suffering from delusions that every female he meets wants his phallis. Stole [Lok'amir il Romathis] from Raxer, proceeded to enchant it with spell damage due to female suggestion.

<Keungzhe> - Mage Class Leader - FOB from China with an unpronounceable name who did not speak a word of English. Known to duel endlessly with Crestfaly outside of Ironforge, created very ugly strategies in MS paint for the guild to no avail.

<Kronagan> - Paladin Class Leader - Dedicated member known for fast reflexes, transferred to Death and Taxes on Korgath shortly after BC, and then back to Blackrock joining Elementium and getting a gender change now known as Kronn.

<Medicor> - Druid Class Leader - Moved to Elementium after Inquisition split.

<Naix> - Hunter Class Leader - Feed alcohol for humor. Known for his 'unique' pet names.

<Rav> - Warlock Class Leader - Re-rolled an alliance rogue for TBC and took over leadership of the guild after the split. Moved to Jubei-Thos to PvP - achieved Gladiator rank in the Arena Ladder System - Also known to AFK frequently.

<Verve> - Warrior Class Leader - Inquisitions' best DPS warrior, created awesome flash strategies for Heigan. Took a break during classic WoW during the original Naxxramas release. Returned in Burning Crusade for a short time and retired again.

Gladiators / Duelists Edit

This section is dedicated to those who have fought to be the best in arena and had successfully achieved Gladiator or Duelist while representing Inquisition.

<Crift> - Gladiator Season 5 -

<Omgukk> - Gladiator Season 6 - Originally from the guild Redefined, Omgukk had joined Inquisition twice, once during the Redefined split in classic, and one more time during his return from a 3 year break in Wotlk. Obtained the Money achievement Grand Marshal title with Redefined as well as Gladiator with Inquisition in Season 6 Arena. Left server during the beginning of Icecrown Citadels opening.

<Stype> - Arena Season 2 Champion - Took first place in Arena Season 2 3vs3 Bracket. Achieved Money achievement Merciless Gladiator and shortly after transferred off server, claiming the competition to fierce for him. Had a strange fan club that copied his name, Slype, Snype, Swype, Skype and Scype.

Guild Accomplishments Edit


Stype shortly after becoming Merciless Gladiator

First Blackrock Alliance Guild to complete Molten Core.

First Blackrock Alliance Guild to complete Onyxia's Lair.

First Blackrock Guild to defeat Lord Kazzak.

Crafted 2 [Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros] given to Hina and Dragcannon.

Crafted 2 [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker] given to Wetworks and Kiety.

Crafted [Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings] given to Crift.

Crestfaly acquired Money achievement Grand Marshal title. 3rd on Blackrock.

Kyvaan acquired Money achievement Grand Marshal title. 8th on Blackrock.

Mekzyo acquired Money achievement Grand Marshal title.

Wetworks acquired Money achievement Grand Marshal title. 4th on Blackrock.

Zoddi acquired Money achievement Grand Marshal title. 7th on Blackrock.

Stype acquired Money achievement Merciless Gladiator title from season 2 arena.

Crift acquired [Deadly Gladiator's Frost Wyrm] in season 5 arena.

Omgukk acquired [Relentless Gladiator's Frost Wyrm] in season 6 arena.

Cleared Money achievement The Twilight Zone (25 player) on February 22, 2009.

Instances ClearedEdit


       Zul Gurub - Completed 
       Molten Core- Completed
       Blackwing Lair- Completed
       Ahn Qiraj - Completed (excluding Viscidus)

Burning Crusade:

       Karazhan - Completed
       Zul'Aman - Compeleted
       Gruul's Lair - Completed
       Battle for Mount Hyjal - Completed
       Black Temple - Completed

Wrath of the Lich King:

      The Obsidian Sanctum 10/25 - Completed (3-drakes)  
      Naxxramas 10/25 - Completed
      The Eye of Eternity 10/25 - Completed 
      Ulduar 10/25 - Completed
      Sans Algalon ToC 10H/25N - Completed 
      Icecrown Citadel 10N - Completed 


     Thrones of the four winds 10N - Completed 
     Blackwing Descent 10N - Completed

Current ProgressionEdit

Cataclysm (10)

                Firelands Normal: 6/7 - 
                Firelands Heroic: 0/7 - 

                Dragonsoul Normal: 0/7

Guild VideosEdit

Kayumi - Enhancement Shaman

Kayumi V - Vicious to Ruthless Part 3 Enhancement PvP14:51

Kayumi V - Vicious to Ruthless Part 3 Enhancement PvP

Kayumi Enhancement PVP Videos

Vifnz - Retribution Paladin (Low level duel) - Erebor's Perspective

Erebor vs01:40

Erebor vs. Vifnz WoW Video

Inquisition Blackrock-US04:42

Inquisition Blackrock-US

A short guild video, made pre-BC by Rav

Current Activities Edit

Inquisition is currently beginning its trek into Firelands after a 4 month break., only time will tell where Inq will head next.


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