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Initech is a casual PvE guild of mature members.

This guild was formed on Cairne. We are a group of adults who play WoW to relax after a long day of completing coversheets for TPS reports. To fill out an application goto For more information you can contact Joeblack, Cancel, or Elphaba ingame.

Guild progress Edit

  • Tabard, Guild Bank
  • Event: Running of the Bulls

History Edit

Initech was based on a concept batted around by Elphaba and Joe before Cairne opened. They came from a casual raid guild that morphed into a hardcore progression guild, and knew that while that lifestyle worked for some, for many working adults, the hardcore game was difficult if impossible to juggle. They also missed the ‘tavern without walls’ feel of many pre-BC guilds. They realized that there had to be others out there with the same attitude – content is cool, but exploring that content in a casual, friendly environment is a thousand times more rewarding. Soon after, Cairne opened, and they saw an ideal opportunity to explore this concept more fully. Voila! A guild was born!

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Events are scheduled on a casual basis.

Mission Statement Edit

Initech’s mission is fun and family first. We are a social guild above all else. We intend to explore high-level content at a casual pace without pressure, and provide unique team building opportunities such as naked tauren races, scavenger hunts, and the like throughout the year.

Code of Conduct Edit

Improve the quality and enjoyment of play for yourself, your guildmates, and other players on your server.

Officers Edit

Joeblack, Guildmaster 
Elphaba, Officer 
Cancel, Officer 

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