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Incarnate is a social guild that raids (quite a lot, for a social guild). Members should be 21 or over, those joining to progress raids need to fit a gap in the raiding members, aside from that all types of players are welcome.

Born of conflict and politics, avoiding this is an important part of its survival and success.

Guild progress Edit

  • Trial of the Crusader - Progressing 2x 10, 25 soon
  • Ulduar - 10 and 25 on farm for most
  • Everything else from naxx to pre-TBC, when inspiration strikes

History Edit

Although Incarnate can trace it's roots directly back through a few guilds, it has grown from strength to strength by way of assimilating smaller guilds with similar aims, as well as by members inviting similarly-minded players found elsewhere in-game.

Officers Edit

All officers are happy to talk to prospective new recruits and answer any relevant (and most irrelevant) questions.

Pickles, Guild Master 
Fearless guild leader. Contact for all your kitten-related needs.
Arkaal, Officer 
Upstanding and honourable (ish).
Bragga, Officer 
Upstanding and honourable (ish). Also raid leader leader.
Dusya, Officer 
Upstanding and honourable (ish).
Faelandel, Officer 
Upstanding and honourable (ish)
Rageone, Officer 
Upstanding and honourable (ish)
Suzette, Officer 
Upstanding and honourable (ish). Also web mistress

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