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Overview Edit

History Edit

"in Harmony" is a German World of Warcraft guild, which was founded on the release day of World of Warcraft on the PvE Server Lothar. The actual guild establishment was done by 5 players, who knew themselves for about 3 years, when they played the MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot in the guild "Das Tribunal".

Before the World of Warcraft Addon "The Burning Crusade" was released the main part of the guild was going along with some other guilds in a Raiding Alliance called "Lavagnome" and cleared all the content from Ragnaros in Molten Core up to Kel'Thuzad in Naxxramas.

Since the release of Burning Crusade the guild disbanded the Raiding Alliance and went its own way. Soon the guild was known as one of the top guilds of Germany. The reason for this was well progressing in all the instances. The guild climbed up the ladder with every instance, which was released by Blizzard and this ended up in Top 10 World Kills of some bosses. In December 2007 the guild decided to transfer from Lothar to Thrall. A reason for the transfer were the awful waiting times for PvP battlegrounds.

Beside the PvE things many of the guild were also very active in Arenas. Before the transfer to Thrall one of our teams could manage to get the 1st place in the 5on5 bracket in the 2nd Arena Season.

One year later, Blizzard made transfers from pve to pvp servers possible. Shortly after that, we moved on to the pvp server Eredar in the best German battlegroup.

On Friday 08.05.09 "in Harmony" merged with "addicted" to a new guild named "Entropy". This new guild now raids on the European pvp realm Taerar. The new website was released on September 1st:

Some of the old "in Harmony" players stayed on Thrall, some moved back there from Eredar and also from Taerar. These players are still raiding and progressing quite well on Thrall. Furthermore you can even find some of the classic players on the original realm Lothar and still still a bunch of people on Eredar.

Guild Progress: Wrath of the Lichking Edit

Guild Progress: Sunwell Plateau Edit

  • Kil'jaeden: 01-06-2008 Ger 1st / EU: 6th / World: 10th
  • M'uru: 12-05-2008 Ger 2nd / EU: 4th / World: 8th
  • Eredar Twins: 14-04-2008 Ger 3rd / EU: 8th
  • Felmyst: 30-03-2008 Ger 3rd / EU: 9th
  • Brutallus: 26-03-2008 Ger 2nd / EU: 3rd / World: 8th
  • Kalecgos: 26-03-2008 Ger 1st / EU: 2nd

Guild Progress: Burning Crusade Edit

Guild Progress: Classic World of Warcraft Edit

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Class Leader Edit

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