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The Imperial Guardsmen are a small, Alliance, PvE guild.

Overview Edit

The guild was formed in 2006 on the then new Darkspear server, and has thrived to become the successful guild it is now. It focuses on PvE instances, and will soon be raiding for the first time. To apply to join, go to our guild website and follow the links to the Recruitment Forums.

To speak to an officer for more information, please contact Veliaf, Gandalve or Faleymaley in-game.

Guild Progress Edit

We have recently begin raiding as a guild.

Current Karazhan progress is:

-Attumen down.

-Working on Moroes.

Schedule Edit

The guild runs both normal and heroic instances on Saturday, Sunday and Monday evenings.

Guild Rules Edit

A full list of all our guild, raiding, and guild bank rules can be found on our website, but most are just common sense:

-No spamming of guild chat.

-No ninja looting.

-Don't be offensive, rude, racist etc.

-Have fun!

Officers Edit

Veliaf - GM

Nassaya - Exchequer

Faleymaley - Tactician

Gandalve - Chief Recruiter

Mirtai - Special Advisor

Daelos - Special Advisor

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