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Immortality (website) is an Alliance Guild on the Skullcrusher Server. They obtained the World First Thunderfury.  Opener of AQ gates.  World First Kazzak.  World 3rd Viscidus.  They were the second guild to ever kill Ouro the Sandworm.  First week clear of BWL (untauntable fire drakes).  Haniel, one of their long-time Paladin members, is known by his alias, "Haniel the Maniel." He is, in fact, the Maniel.

Guild Master: Hulex, Phou

Officers: Madcow, Faxanadu, Thistlewind, Gunsmoke, Victoria, Wray, Haniel, Caliane, Xmaniac

Class Leaders: Eliminate, Paladeus, Sithra, Shrew, Papachulio

Guild Bard:  Paladeus

Notable Players: Killuminati, Tangx, Haterade, Hackle, Rulechoppdu, Toolbox, Victoria, Arathil, Shamwru, Borys, Fleas, Ryudra, Stalyx, Photek, Enku, Whak, Briandek, Linkyzor, Quk, Bogdan, Parish. Including the original Dirty Hunters: Sithra, Dante, Rainbows, Skittle, Trie, Thibbledorf, Zaku, and Zeles

Rival: Rage (H) & Dark Entropy (A)

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