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Imba was formed on Agamaggan by a few people who didn't like the way their previous guild "Gank the Shamans" was working out. They started out as small guild made by groups of friends, from The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. None of them liked how crowed and filled with Spaniards, who didn't care to speak English in general chat, Agamaggan had become. When Blizzard opened the server transfer to Kor'gall, Imba took the move in June 2005! It was always their intention to create big successful raiding guild and since then we've managed to kill Kel'Thuzad as only guild on the server.

The start of the expansion provided some problems for the guild as happened to many guilds. We quickly recovered though and took all server first for both Serpentshrine Cavern and The Eye.

However Kor'gall as server was slowly dying. The problamatic Battlegroup, the annoying lagspikes in the Battlegrounds, the decreasing population which caused problems recruiting for PVE was too much. So after weeks of searching the right server it was decided to take the move to Ravencrest. Home of a healthy Battlegroup and PVE progress.

2 Years after we landed on Kor'gall we left the server and moved to Ravencrest on 29 June 2007.Here we continue our way to the top in both PVE and PVP!!!


Requirements for recruitment are the following:

  • See our recruitment forum for info about requirements and open slots

Imba Recruitment Forum

Guild Progress Post-TBC Edit

Guild Progress Pre-TBC Edit


Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Edit

Blackwing LairEdit

Molten CoreEdit

11 August 2005 - Imba first Kill - Ragnaros



  • Guildmaster: Jastine
  • Officer: Eira
  • Officer: Ziss
  • Officer: Deadlynerd

Council Members / ClassleadersEdit

  • Druid: Papabear
  • Hunter: Cybina
  • Mage: Jex
  • Paladin: Xcynic / Storegule
  • Priest: Eira
  • Rogue: Ardy
  • Warlock: Ziss
  • Warrior: Jastine / Ardy


Imba Forum

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