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Ientaculum Per Rex is a raiding guild that values fun, individuality, and skill.

Overview Edit

Ientaculum Per Rex is a light raiding guild located on the Argent Dawn server. IPR exists primarily to facilitate adventuring with friends through raiding, questing, and PvP. We have no level or gear restrictions for membership. We believe in letting members develop their own play style, and never require respecs. We value quality members with team player attitudes. We don't do drama. To fill out an application go to our website. For more information you can contact Nishan, Luminin, Tyrrandae, or Durinn in game.

Guild Progress Edit

Recruitment Edit

Looking for a guild? If you're interested in a hardcore, seven-nights-a-week raiding guild that values loot more than people, don't bother to read on, we aren't what you're looking for. If you're twelve years old, or consider "u R a noob lolol" to be a complete sentence, save your time and look elsewhere. Still with me? Excellent.

Ientaculum Per Rex is looking to add a few adventurers to our ranks. I know what you're thinking. Another Latin, pretentious sounding guild name. Look up its meaning and you'll know better. IPR's number one philosophy is that WoW should be fun. We generally raid 3-4 nights a week, and attendance is never mandatory, as we understand real life > WoW. We'll never force you to respec, if you do what you do well, we'll find a niche for you. We have Karazhan on farm status (up to and including the Prince), and have recently added Nightbane to our list of defeated bosses. And with a few new faces to add to our class balance, we hope to conquer the rest of the place, and beyond, soon. There are always enough interested people online to throw together an improptu instance run, and plenty of people with alts of all levels to run lower level stuff too. Our members are friendly and helpful, with the just the right balance between maturity and silliness -- it's all about having fun after all.

If you think IPR sounds like the right place for you, feel free to post on our forums, or to contact any of our officers, listed there, any time they're online. We hope to hear from you soon!

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