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Alliance 32IKON is an Alliance end-game raiding guild located on the Arthas server. We are a group that enjoys raiding with each other and in general having a good time with the content WoW presents us. We are a laid back crowd with a zero-tolerance policy for drama.

Progression Edit

Recruitment Edit

IKON is always looking for hardcore and dedicated players who understand what it takes to make a guild like ours successful. We strive to be the best and overcome all the challenges the games brings us. This requires players who are there for raids, who don't quit when the going gets tough, who don't bitch when we wipe, who won't find excuses to skip a raid or leave early.

  • We're looking for players who stay positive, who like to improve, who are ready to respec for a single encounter if need be, who are willing to listen to others to make themselves better.
  • We're looking for players who can follow the rules, avoid being emo, respect their guildmates and players outside the guild.
  • We're looking for players who don't think of themselves first, who aren't greedy, who aren't selfish. We're looking for players who understand loot is basically just a means to an end. That end being to defeat new challenging encounters.
  • We're looking for players with a tough skin. If you can't stand getting bitched at, for not following rules or fucking up, you won't be happy in IKON. Simply don't make old mistakes.

Basic RequirementsEdit

Don't even bother sending us tells if you don't meet all requirements:

  • Level 70.
  • Available to raid 2-4 days a week from 7:00 to 12:00 EST.


We raid 4 days a week, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Friday, from 7est to 12est. Sometimes we might push it and raid until a mob is dead. Doesn't happen often but it is a possibility. We expect an attendance of around 70% for our raid team. Players who can't make a raid have to post in the raid attendance forums in the appropriate thread. We offer the possibility of Back-up raider but with that you will not have priority over raid members.


If you're asking about loot, this isn't the guild for you. We are a guild focused on downing new content and enjoying doing it, loot is just something that is a byproduct of this.

Class desirabilityEdit

We open/close recruitment for certain classes all the time. It always depends on current attendance of our members. When you apply online, we will inform you of the current situation vis-a-vis your class.

How do you join?Edit

Apply at our website and try to get in touch with our officers if you know that you are the right type of player for us.

If you apply and we think you'd be a good candidate, we'll put you on recruitment list (basically a friend list).

If you want to increase your chances of joining, reading the schedule raid forums and being online 30 mins before raid, with all consumables, is a good place to start. If we're missing a certain class for a raid, we will check who's online and go from there.

Links Edit

IKON Website
IKON Recruitment Forum
IKON DKP Website
Official World of Warcraft website

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