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House Pyrestone is a newer, casual Roleplaying guild on Server:Wyrmrest Accord - co-led by Illkas and Thanell. The guild serves to be a community outreach project to held the down and out citizens of Stormwind by offering housing, employment and food/healing services to those in need. Though technically based in Northrend, and with no official ties to Stormwind itself - the altruistic leaders of the house have decided to devote their wealth and power to a good cause, rather than remaining secluded in their territories throughout the world.


House Pyrestone stands as a one of the few remaining Lordaeron based Noble Houses - though the Pyrestones are far from traditional or predictable. Eccentric and altruistic - the three surviving heirs, all cousins, have come together - rejoining their blood and wealth for the sake of helping to further the lives of those in Stormwind - the last place where humanity truly rules.

With money to spend - the three nobles have set their focus to making homes for those without, work for those in need - and also to establishing clinics and food drives in troubled areas throughout the city. More interested in civil service than politics and power - the three cousins have quickly been labeled as the 'odd bunch' of nobles in town - and yet they seem unfazed as they carry on - their numbers always going - and their efforts never halting.

Overview Edit

Server: Server:Wyrmrest Accord US
Type: Role-playing
Faction: Alliance 32Alliance

House Charter

These, the words of Asensith Pyrestone, first Lord of the House, grant unto any who holds the blood of the Pyrestone line the keeps, estates, persons and nobility here within mentioned. Each Lord and Lady is charged with the protection, purity and continuation of the bloodline, and is bound to continue to honor the vassalage of House Pyrestone to the ruling bloodline of Lordaeron. Permitted no heir should rule upon the throne of Lordaeron, the estates of House Pyrestone are to be combined and ruled under the eldest of true noble blood - their loyalty and oaths now pledged to one another - and no King unless it is upon their choosing.

Lord Asensith Pyrestone,
First of Blood of House Pyrestone
Vassal House of Lordaeron

Estates and GroundsEdit

  • The Howling Halls (Eastern Northrend Hills)
  • Pineburrow Hill (Eastern Northrend Hills)
  • Firenook Harbor (Eastern Northrend Shores)
  • Pyrestone Hall (Eastern Lordaeron)
  • Amberridge Village (Southern Lordaeron)

Leaders Edit

Name Role Description Status Nobility Status
Alliance 15 IconSmall Human Male Illkas Pyrestone Lord (GM) Lord of House Pyrestone; Mage Alive Lord, Head of House
Alliance 15 IconSmall Human Female Angela Pyrestone Lady (GM) Lady of House Pyrestone; Rogue Alive Lady, Heir to House

Friends and Ally GuildsEdit



  • thumb|Illkas Pyrestone
  • thumb|The House Pyrestone

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