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A Short History Edit

Hording Friends was created 17th July 2007 by 10 like minded individuals who want to have fun in this game called WoW. We have no intention of being the Top Raiding guild of Eonar, We do not intend to make WoW our 2nd career but we do intend to be the top guild to have fun with friends (insert dirty thoughts of choice).

Even though we offer raiding as an option we are not purely focused on this part of the game. We also have our guild own Arena Teams and we also are doing stuff like mini events within the guild. If you don't care about either Raids or PVP then we are also happy to simply have you in the guild for the social basis.

What we expect is quite simple Edit

1) Politeness
2) Punctuallity
3) Willingness to Learn
4) Have Fun

We dont have Drama Queens (or Kings) and loot whores bore us, we also work a 4 week trial & expect a sensible amount of activity, so that we may see if you fit in with the guild mentality, and so that you may judge whether we are the right guild for you.

Raid Times are normally 21:00+ server time

We are using Ventrilo (you dont have to sing but its handy if you got a good Soprano to meld with our rasp)

What we can offer Edit

Maturity (except for sillyness, i mean we play computer games)
Friendly welcome (we'll tell you where the drinks are made & what we want tea person)
Fun (no point doing this game otherwise)

So if your interested please post on our forums with your character name, a bit about yourself, a bit about your character & your experience, and anything else that might be useful to know.

If you got any questions please feel free to message Boyne, Phôbia or Ashtana or pretty much any of our guild members ingame.

== Raids: ==

We are recruiting members for our raiding side of things for all three roles (tanks, dps and healer) If you are interested in joining us, please visit our website and apply.

Official Website Edit

Hording Friends Website

Guild External Links Edit

Hording Friends @ Guild Progress
Hording Friends @ WoW Jutsu

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