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Overview Edit

Honorable Assassins is a Guild on the Daggerspine(US) Server. The guild consists of a great group of members that are currently in pursuit of the new level 70 cap that was released with The Burning Crusade Expansion. We look to run instances together and help each other out with items and mats for professions.

This guild was formed on Daggerspine by a group of real life friends looking to get deeper into the game and progressing farther together. We like to have fun but are serious when we need to be. We will look to raid once we have enough people at level 70 and we will do it consistently. For more information you can contact Talorian, Theronkegan, Furios, Xanz, or Suren in game.

Guild ProgressEdit

Currently we are not raiding as everyone is pushing to get to level 70. Once we have a solid group at 70 we will start the new end-game.


This guild was originally formed by Cognito and a group of Real Life friends including current Guildmaster Talorian. The basis of this guild was to have fun in a more casual setting and treating it's guild members fairly. After a few months of recruiting and getting the core group to 60 the guild teamed up with Latter Day Solders to start cooping Zul'Gurub. After about two weeks of coops and some hard core recruiting HA broke off and started Soloing Zul'Gurub. Very quickly HA had up to Raptor on Farm and continued to push forward through Tiger and Panther finially downing Hakkar the Soulflayer on November 11th, 2006.

At this point there was much interest in the guild about trying Molten Core. After a couple of offers it was decided Honorable Assassins would team up with Equilibrium and B L A C K W A T C H to start a consistent running of Molten Core. After two good runs both stopping at Shazzrah on the third try the Coop Team breached Shazzrah and went onto down Majordomo Executus. This Cooping continued till we had a good consistent and stable group and in early December the Coop Team faced Onyxia in her lair and defeated her. The Team continued to push forward through the down time of the holidays and continued to Farm Onyxia and all but Ragnaros in Molten Core.

As of 1/16/2007 the Honorable Assassins has entered the Dark portal and has started the hard push to level 70.

Unfortunately after WOTLK was released the guild encountered an immense amount of drama that resulted in all of the guilds core members to leave. Solathan, Vickinator, Dagdalan, Mavryk, Braykyoself, Unholycross (AKA Deadlyknight), Runeloth, and Kemet tried to stop the drama, but failed in the end. Solathan, Kemet and Dagdalan started raiding with other guilds trying to find a new home for HA's core members. It wasn't long before they found Divide et Impera lead by Nyla. Members of HA were hesitant to leave at first. Solathan was the first to leave followed by Dagdalan which resulted in a chain reaction until all of the core members were gone. Most of the core members joined up with Divide et Impera while others joined up with other guilds and some even changed realms. Deep into the WOTLK raiding content something happened in Divide et Impera (I wish I knew I was on a break from WOW at the time) that caused many of the members of DeI to leave and separate. Members either went to Ascendancy, some went to Imperius and others remained in DeI. Honorable Assassins was never disbanded and still has one active member to this day.

Weekly Raid ScheduleEdit

None Currently as all are pushing for the new Level 70 cap.

Guild RulesEdit

Guild rules are established on the website.

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