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Holy Diver is a casual Raiding and PvP guild, we are social and gear up for and do end game content.We are currently looking for more level 80's to come raiding with us, and/or join PvP groups like Wintergrasp and Battlegrounds. The leadership of the guild is now under a council leadership, and there is now no one Guild Leader.

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

We were formed in the summer of 2008, founding members being Zeega, Stabaa, Bhall and Conran. We have over 120 members and are ready for Northrend raiding. All being relatively new to endgame content just before the release of WotLK, we have now recriuted friendly long term members and are ready for Northrend endgame content. The founding members and a few newer members know each other in real life and know each other well. A few members also have became quite close to the founding members, being with the guild from near the creation of the guild.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

To be confirmed

Guild rules Edit

  • Anybody can join, preferably level 80
  • Master Looter will be used in Raiding runs
  • DO NOT be saved for Raids we have scheduled
  • Be polite and good mannered to other members

At the moment we are looking for:Edit

  • Druids
  • Warlocks
  • Mages
  • DPS Warriors

Officers Edit

Contact for invite to the guild, and any general advice.


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