This article is a guild information page for Hollow of Darkspear Europe.

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General Guild Information Edit

Hollow is a social guild based on the Darkspear server, it's primary focus is on PvE, Hollow is multi-national with members from all over Europe.

The Guild runs weekly in-house screenshot competitions called "Wallow Hollow" were members are given a task and then go and complete this task, for example "Get a picture taken dancing with a player from the Alliance!" the guild forum also has various awards for things such as comedy wipe moment and raid junkie.

Leadership Edit

  • Horde 15IconSmall Blood Elf Male Nagoyah <Guild Master>
  • Horde 15IconSmall Tauren Female Wendelah <Guild Mistress>

Officers Edit

  • Horde 15IconSmall Undead Male Desmaggy <Officer>
  • Horde 15IconSmall Undead Male Flaw <Officer>
  • Horde 15IconSmall Troll Female Lallsminion <Officer>
  • Horde 15IconSmall Blood Elf Female Moros <Officer>
  • Horde 15IconSmall Undead Male Soullock <Officer>
  • Horde 15IconSmall Orc Male Toocandan <Officer>

Junior Officers Edit

  • Horde 15IconSmall Blood Elf Male Gehennus <Junior Officer>
  • Horde 15IconSmall Blood Elf Male Ertu <Junior Officer>
  • Horde 15IconSmall Tauren Male Bullsite <Junior Officer>

Hollow Awards Edit

Name Award Status
IconSmall Undead MaleHorde 15 Flaw Blame me! Winner Current
IconSmall Blood Elf FemaleHorde 15 Moros Comedy Wipe Winner Current
IconSmall Tauren FemaleHorde 15 Wendelah Guild Shadow Winner Current
IconSmall Troll FemaleHorde 15 Lallsminion Hollow Librarian Winner Current
IconSmall Blood Elf MaleHorde 15 Nagoyah Jetset Willy Warmer Winner Current
Neutral 15 King Wallow Hollow Winner Available
Neutral 15 Nam 69 Winner Available
IconSmall Blood Elf MaleHorde 15 Xshilandra Oliver Twist Award Current
Neutral 15 Philanthropic Hero winner Available
Neutral 15 Prince Wallow Hollow winner Available
Neutral 15 Queen Wallow Hollow winner Available
Neutral 15 Raid Junkie Winner Current
Neutral 15 Real Life Aggro Award Available
IconSmall Orc MaleHorde 15 Toocandan Socrates Medal winner Current
IconSmall Undead MaleHorde 15 Soullock The Joker winner Current

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