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Welcome to "Hollandse Bende"

Hollandse Bende is a Dutch Alliance guild on the Lightbringer (EU) Realm.

Everybody from The Netherlands and Flanders is welcome at the Hollandse Bende.

The guild is friendly and helpful to its members giving advice to new players in world of warcraft in the guild community. Most members are casual playing gamers, but they do end-game instances like karahzan on daily base with a fixed team.

The character levels in the guild ranges, and there are almost always players online. This way they can offer you any help if you need it, no matter what level you are.

"Running" instance's is not a base to do in the guild, although done by some members, not all members enjoy running new characters true instance's, especially if the player that is runned is new in the guild.

The guild also does a weekle pre TBC endgame run to all endgame raids provided that the members make sure that they have the required attunements.

If you're Dutch speaking and interested in join the Hollandse Bende, feel free to whisper one of the members.

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