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Herrasmies Liiga is a Finnish casual raiding guild located on Lightbringer EU. Our main focus is to guarantee nice gaming environment. We don't care if you play just for fun, for PVP or for PVE, you are free to join. Our only requirement is that you are from Finland or at least can speak and understand proper Finnish. And of course we expect our players to be able to behave well.

We take raiding seriously. We want a spirit of always improving our gameplay, raid seriously but in a relaxed atmosphere.

Guild Progress so far Edit

  • We're running heroics (5 man) on a daily basis.
  • We have cleared both Naxx 10 and Naxx 25.
Guild-Herrasmies Liiga

Naxxramas cleared

  • OS cleared without the drakes.
  • VoA cleared.
  • EoE cleared.
  • SoU we have killed the 1st boss.
  • Ulduar three bosses down.

Guild Rules Edit

  • You can keep your main plus maximum of two alts in the guild. One of these characters must have opportunity to tank, and one must have opportunity to heal, even if none of them is not specced to tanking or healing spec. If you have already sent application to another raid guild or are going to send application to another raid guild (or even to another guild, which isn't a raiding guild) it is good to inform about it when you ask to become a member.
  • Guild Channel is a place where every member can talk about the World of Warcraft and related issues. Of course you are free to talk about anything else, just prevent spamming. All forms of fighting and saying bad about other guild members is expressly prohibited on guild channel. If there's any disagreements, you will handle them by whispering to each other and if needed, contact to guild master or officer.
  • You can always ask for a boost but preferably only once on a guild channel. If no reply is forthcoming, then it can be interpreted that nobody is not interested or clearly have no time.
  • If you behave badly, you will get a warning and if that doesn't work, you will be reduced to the Disciplianary personal level. In that time you are not able to discuss on the guild channel. Depending on the crime the person is considered to be at this level from two hours to forty-eight hours.
  • Good behavior is the best way to reach the top. Relationships are maintained with other players and everyone are feeling comfortable. When doing instances (especially not with the guild members) you represent the whole guild and create its reputation. So behave well.
  • Never ninja any loots. It only hampers your own access, but also other guild members access to instance groups. (And this should not be used to justify the fact that someone else in the group is also doing it. In that case, support the group to discuss about it and if it does not help, it is better to put the name to mind and leave the group.) Also never ninja any resources (herbalism, skinning, mining etc.) With good behavior you will not only promote your own reputation, but also the guild reputation that also helps your play mates life.

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