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Heritage of Zandalar (formerly Heritage of Zuljin, sometimes spelled Heritage of Zul'jin) is a troll-only roleplaying guild of the Horde on the European realm Scarshield Legion

Guild rulesEdit

This guild is for people who enjoy roleplaying a troll. Other races can join on special occasions, they're treated as Emissaries. Since it is a heavy roleplaying guild, it expects the members to strictly follow the roleplaying policies and encourages them to become active roleplayers. The guildchat is in character, while the out of character officerchat is avialable to everyone.


The Heritage of Zandalar believes in the fraternity of all trolls on Azeroth. Its aim is to create a troll nation which unites all troll tribes. It also tries to revive the forgotten tribal traditions of trolls. Because of the tribal structure it is often referred to as a tribe, although most members are unrelated to each other.

The guild used to be named after Zul'jin because he also wanted to create a troll nation, and he managed to unite various troll tribes and stop the war among them. Despite this, the guild does not agree with Zul'jin's methods and believes the trolls have to be loyal to the Horde. As a result of this, the guild was officially renamed Heritage of Zandalar, honoring the ancient tribe of the Zandalari trolls.

The guild crest depicts two golden snakes coiled around each other, which symbolize the union of the two major troll empires, the Amani and the Gurubashi.


Out of CharacterEdit

The guild was founded on the 13th of April, 2006. It was inspired by another troll-only roleplaying guild, the New Amani Empire, which was disbanded before the founding of the Heritage. The guild originally didn't have strict roleplaying rules, but as time passed, it began to focus on roleplaying more and more. In 2007, the guild got in contact with other roleplaying guilds such as Greywolf Tribe and House of Sylvanas, and later joined the Blood Pact. The guild homepage was created on the 6th of October, 2007.

The guild was renamed to Heritage of Zandalar on the 8th of March, 2008. The renaming was celebrated by a party that was a massive roleplaying event on the 15th of March.

In characterEdit

The history of the guild goes back to the time of the Second War. An elderly troll, Drei'jin was a Warlord of the Witherbark tribe, loyal follower of Zul'jin. After the Horde lost the Second War and Zul'jin disappeared, the trolls of the tribe began blaming his followers, and exiled Drei'jin, who fled with his family to Stranglethorn Vale and found home within the Darkspear tribe.

Drei'jin's daughter married a Darkspear warrior and gave birth to a whelp called Snicka. As Snicka grew up he learned about his Amani ancestry. He was 14 on the day when Sen'jin and Thrall met, and the Darkspears joined the Horde. The very same day the village was destroyed by a group of rampaging murlocs, and Drei'jin lost his life when fighting them. His last words to Snicka were these: „I might die in dis battle, but da heritage, what Zul’jin left to us, will neva’ die. Finish wot he started, Snicka. Find de trolls still faithful to him, an’ form a guild of ’em. Let our people be one again. Long live da Heritage of Zul’jin!”

Snicka followed Drei'jin's words, and while the Darkspears found a new home in Durotar, he made a journey around Azeroth and gathered trolls around him. They were both loyal to the Horde and the memory of Zul'jin.

When Zul'jin returned and declared war against the Horde, the guild had to face a hard decision. Snicka visited Zul'Aman and talked to Zul'jin, and he was shocked by the hostility of the Amani trolls, who imprisoned him. He finally realized that Zul'jin isn't the great hero he once was, and after he escaped, he agreed with his guild to rename it to Heritage of Zandalar, in honour of the ancient troll empire, and remain loyal to the Horde. The guild soon got more reputation within the Horde, and Snicka was invited to the island of Zandalar by King Rastakhan himself.

Guild officersEdit

Snicka - Warlord, the guild's founder and leader
Zanick - Primal, the guild's deputy leader when Snicka's away, as well as the guild's Treasurer
Kemsha - Voodoo Master and High Priestess
Bwangoo - Primal and Beastmaster
Umagaur - Voodoo Master

External linksEdit

Guild forums

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