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This article is a guild information page for Herbal Ignition of Nathrezim US.

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Alliance 32 Herbal Ignition
Name Herbal Ignition
Server Nathrezim US
Leader Suffher
Levels Any"Any" is not a number.
Type Social
Accounts 350+
Website Herbal Ignition Herbal Ignition @ Nathrezim

Overview Edit

Herbal Ignition is the largest guild on the Nathrezim (PVP US) server. The Alliance guild was formed on July 31, 2006 and the Horde side was started in September 2007, by the same leader. It has over 450 members on the Alliance side, as well as 50 on the Horde side on the same server. The guild master on the Alliance side is Suffher and on the Horde side it is Vermicíous. Other notable members include Katharos, the "official" guild welcomer on the alliance side and lead officer. Send any member of the guild a whisper for an invitation.

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