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The Hells Satans are a rowdy bunch of casual gamers. We are mainly a social guild concentrating on leveling.

The Hells Satans are focused on leveling, alts, and helping guildies.

History Edit

Originally formed by Sansdeus and Thrax in 2007, we have grown substantially. Sansdeus was the original guildmaster and later that year turned over control to Thrax. After an extended absence Thrax was usurped by Dedmeat in 2012.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

We don't

Guild rules Edit

  • We are adults and speak as such.
    • We will use a DKP system for loot, someday.

Officers Edit

  • Dedmeat (GM)
  • Abramsteak
  • Adood
  • Ateo
  • Doktorakula
  • Foushta
  • Healyocouch
  • Ihavetocrit
  • Kungfood
  • Mooinkin
  • Notherdude
  • Nukeemall
  • Sansdeus
  • Tapish
  • Themrbeefy
  • Thenooj

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