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A high-end guild lead by Champ of Cenarius US. This guild was formed from an existing uber guild known as Dawn Eternal. Due to internal problems, a group known as Champs Posse decided that they would be better off if they formed their own guild. On January 25th 2006, Heist was formed. Starting with 26 members, this small guild quickly accepted high-end raiders that wanted to seek out end-game content. Heist quickly became one of Cenarius's powerhouse guilds. Within 2 months of creation, Heist reached C'thun in AQ40 being the second on the server behind Afterlife.

Heist has worked very hard in a short amount of time to prove that they are worthy of being an "uber" guild. Heist downed 5 bosses in Naxxaramas (within a weeks timespan!), and currently have downed all bosses except Kel. Heist Raids are lead by Tubarolean; and an inflationary DKP system is used for loot. Heist has suffered major setbacks, but has excelled despite great adversity, and thus have the nickname "Hardkore"-Heist.

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