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Hegira is a Casual Raiding guild that Raids 10man and 25man Content. Our 25man Raid days are Wednesday/Sunday/Monday from 7:30-11 and we have optional 10man groups running Zul'Aman and Karazhan on off nights. Most of our members love to have fun outside of the game and have families as well. Hegira is more concerned about having fun then running through content in the game. We are a more mature no-drama type guild thus every single member is over the age of 18.

Guild progress Edit

Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • Monday, 8:00 PM Server - 25man content. (Tier 6)
  • Wednesday, 8:00 PM Server - 25man content. (Tier 6)
  • Sunday, 8:00 PM Server - 25man content. (Tier 6)
  • Offnights, 8:00 PM Server - ZA timer runs.

Guild rules Edit

We like to see members with the "Raider" status show up 2 out of 3 runs a week, but we do understand real life does happen, and always take that into consideration first.

Hegira will be using a DKP system with a few added twists. We hope the system we have come up with will not only make loot distribution easy but also fair to our raiders. We have taken a lot of time and experience in developing this system and are confident it is a fair/consistent system.

Officers Edit

These are the officers/GM of the guild, if you happen to be interested in joining, these would be the ones to talk to about an application.

Purpleducky, Officer
Sorey, Guildmaster

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