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Healers of Warcraft is primarily a social guild. We are about helping people, it is a casual guild that enjoys the game. We have a great group of people and we want to expand on this. There are no entry requirements but we would like you to be active and social.

Guild Progression Edit

None yet, newish to raiding

Recruiting: Yes
Guild Members: 50+ (20 or so regularly active)
Looting Policy: Need before Greed

Recruitment Policy Edit

We would prefer people to be of a higher level, but there are no strict guidelines and we are accepting all levels.

RAID/Instances Edit

We are looking to regularly do dungeons and raids, depending on what people want to do.

PvP Edit

This is a PvP server and we do enjoy a bit of PvP. Looking at forming guild arena teams and those wishing to partake in war games.

Guild Guidelines Edit

- Be active.
- Be social.
- Help your guild mates.
- Don't beg, steal or cheat.
- Don't withdraw money from the guild bank unless it is for repairs.
- No trolling in the public channels.
-All characters on EU-Dentarg Aliance side must be in the guild.
-Be respectful of other players, treat people how you wish to be treated.
-Invest in the Guild and we will invest in you!

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