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General InformationEdit

Server: Kel'Thuzad US

Faction: Alliance

Website: No public site.

Guild Master: Pantsman

Other Members to Contact: Beetle, Hardhaddings, Peddler, Ykaashyyk

Founded by Pantsman and DefJesta, The Hard Love Cowboys (HLC) is a small Australian based guild on the Kel'Thuzad US server. They form part of the Kel'thuzad Alliance (KTA) raid group. Recruitment is based on the whim of current members, and is generally restricted to real-life friends of current members. Most guild-based activity consists of raiding with the KTA or farming higher instances for newer members.

Brokeback Mountain jokes are frowned upon, due to their lack of originality.

Guild ProgressEdit

Pre-Expansion ContentEdit

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