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Alliance 32 Server:Frostwolf US

Harbingers of LlothEdit

Harbingers of Llothis an end game instance raiding guild on the US Frostwolf Server. It was created 2 days after release, November 25th 2004, and became a raiding guild around June 2005.

HoL strives to be a guild that is bound together by common goals and friendship, and not one that is stuck together for the sole purpose of phat lootz. We believe struggling and working towards a goal and finally succeeding is the most this game has to offer. We look down upon negative attitudes and personalities and try to avoid drama at all cost. We do however allow any member's friend into the guild to have people to talk to. These hatchlings will however be removed without second thought if they are caught disturbing the peace. We do pester other guilds on our server but it's all in good fun, not to mention we have some of the best chat spammers on this server.

As of January 21, 2008, HoL downed Illidan Stormrage.


Guild ProgressEdit


December 2002: PSXStar starts Harbingers of Lloth on Ragnarok Online iRO Chaos with a few friends, including several members who are still with HoL today.

2003-2004: PSXStar passes leadership of Harbingers of Lloth to Xiaohu to lead the guild through War of Emperiums. HoL becomes allies with Aureus, Denuo Convena and Visage to fight a common enemy.

November 2004: A dozen or so HoL decide to try out World of Warcraft, accompanied by another dozen from ally guilds. Xiaohu gives leadership of the WoW guild to PSXStar (Tizirt) because he was only playing casually and still leading the RO guild.

2005: Many of the RO->WoW refugees start to play only wow only, all leveling up and merging with other guilds such as The Foot and Anonymous.

May 2005: PSX Star quits wow and gives control back to Xiaohu as the guild becomes an official end game instance raiding guild. HoL teams up with a few guilds (Opfor then NOVA) and starts raiding Molten Core every week.

May 2005-2007: Opfor stops raiding with HoL and NOVA transfers to Frostmane, and HoL becomes its own self-sufficient raiding guild. All following history can be found on the main progression page.

January 2008: At 1% left on Illidan, the entire raid (39/40) had died on the encounter, except for 1 player, a rogue, who was able defeat Illidan in a one-on-one battle, solidifying their claim as the second Alliance guild to defeat Illidan.


Guild Leader: Xiaohu

-- Druid Officer: Mysiria

-- Hunter Officer: Kawaii

-- Mage Officer: Qualidus

-- Paladin Officer: Trosha

-- Priest Officer: Trosha

-- Rogue Officer: Yuuko

-- Warlock Officer: Xiaohu

-- Warrior Officer: Yuuko

Guild RulesEdit

  • This is a hardcore raiding guild as such every person is expected to be able to come to at least 2 runs a week.
    • If you are unable to make it for a week or more you must notify your class leader.
  • If we can't do raids because of attendance, those members will the lowest attendance will be removed from the guild and we will find replacements.
  • All members are required to have a least 10 Major Healing Potions at the start of the raid as well as being fully repaired.
  • We use a DKP system for loot.