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Guild Name: Hands of Elune

Faction: Alliance


Guildleader: Whiteberyl, Dwarf Hunter

Officers: Analonde, Night Elf Hunter Isuiln, Night Elf Hunter Willhelm, Human Paladin

Tabard: Blue background with gold border and icon. Icon is the World Tree.

History: After the defeat of the Burning Legion by the combined forces of the Horde and the Alliance, a group of Paladins and Night Elves gathered together in Ironforge to form a fellowship to help cleanse and preserve the Land under Elune and the Light and to oppose any further attempts by the Undead or Demons to spread further plagues or other ills or otherwise attack the Alliance.

Purpose: Hands of Elune, or "Camlann uin Elune" in the Night Elf tongue, are a guild of individuals dedicated to the protection and preservation of this world. All unnatural beings are our declared foes, as well as any who attempt to alter or destroy the natural order. As Elune watches over us, so we will watch over this world and maintain the Balance of all things.

If your character wishes to fight the evils that plague the lands and to help care for our world, then we have a spot for you in our ranks. Our purpose is to unite in the grace of Elune and the Light in the effort to fight against and overthrow the menace of the Demons and the Undead and all that would align themselves with them. We will defend the Land and the Alliance from all attackers.

Admission: The Hands of Elune accepts all Alliance races (Human, Night Elf, Dwarf and Gnome) and all Alliance classes. A candidate for Initiate must pledge to act always in an honorable manner and to join in the fellowship, friendship, and mutual cooperation among the members of the Hands of Elune.

Guild structure:

- Guild Leader - The guild leader will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the guild with the assistance of appointed officers.

- Officer - Each officer is charged with coordinating and assisting guild members in questing, grouping, and crafting, inviting new initiates into the guild, and promoting those who have qualified for Member or Veteran ranks. The First Officer is the Guildleader's Deputy and the forum representative. The Guildleader may name other specific Officer positions for recruiting, crafting, questing, and battle, which will be listed here.

- Veteran - Will have been an active member in good standing for a minimum of 30 days. Veterans will be more active with guild affairs, and help the leadership of the guild in regards to matters involving the guild. Veterans may be granted the authority to invite new initiates into the guild.

- Member - Will have been an active member in good standing for at least 14 days.

- Initiate - Initiates are the pledges to the guild.

Anyone who has consistently proven themselves to be a beneficial member to our guild will be eligible for promotion from the above guide lines. All of this is based not on the amount of time spent playing in-game, but based on the quality of the time spent playing in-game.


- We value originality. We do not accept members who take their names intentionally from known, copyrighted material. We also do not allow names that do not fit with the role-playing of the guild or the lore of the game. (so no L33tD00d, or Drizzt in any form, etc.)

- We are a force of good. As such, we do not accept members whose character name, appearance or actions cause the fame of the guild and its members to drop. Accidents will happen, but the deliberate breaking of the laws and rules will not be allowed.

- We value teamwork, fellowship and sharing. We do not tolerate those who continually refuse to cooperate with their teams or act in a belligerent and abusive manner or make constant demands on others.

- We believe in fair play. Gaining advantage through the exploitation of bugs or the use of game geometry in ways that are clearly not intended by the designers is unacceptable behavior.

Role Playing: There is much lore that is hard coded into this game, and it should make for easier means for people to RP. Although it is not a requirement for players to RP, it is something that we ask everyone to attempt in one manner or another. We hope to have many highly ranked players in the Honor system of the Alliance, and strive to make a name for ourselves in the battle against the forces of the enemy. By acting in a mature, honorable and friendly manner between ourselves and with outsiders we truly roleplay the ideals of our guild.

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