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H E L L F I R E Edit


Current tabard of the guild

H E L L F I R E is an alliance guild on server Drak'Thul EU. Website is[1]. Visit this page to see if what new members are we currently accepting. You must be able to talk in Czech or Slovak to join our guild. This guild is currently in very good state of progressing with farming all T4 instances and in T5 instances only final bosses waiting to be killed. Currently, we skipped final bosses in TK and SSC to progress MH, we are going to return to them after killing Archimonde. Current progress is 52% of Archimonde's life. Server Drak'Thul is these days going through some latency problems with lots of people being unable to play around evening with lots of guilds wanting to raid.

Important members Edit

Guild Leader - rank Hell Lord Edit


Officers - rank Belzebub Edit






Raid Leaders - rank Belzebub / Imperator Edit



Telasa - Imperatori Magnifica Abyssali Telasa

Class Leaders - rank Satan Edit

Druid - Xdey

Hunter - Trhacka

Mage - Kmotra

Paladin - Gunthor

Priest - Corneth

Rogue - Dami

Shaman - Romea

Warlock - Laly

Warrior - Arturinek

Other notable members of the guild Edit

Romea - Website Administrator

Oxidium - Our first foreign member of guild

Brief history of guild Edit

Guild was found lately in year 2006 by people coming to Drak'Thul from another realm. Guild Leader was for a long time Arturinek (as well as main tank) succeeded in 2008 by Roczelle with restructuralisation of guild with kicking non-raiding players.

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