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We die... So you don't have to! Edit

Server: Server:The Venture Co US

Faction: Horde


WoW Armory:

History of <Grunts>Edit

The Grunts were formed on the second day of server release by Dreadbeard and Wyldfire. Excellent initial marketing of the guild, promising a fun atmosphere for casual and more hardcore players who were interested in PvP combat, particularly on the world stage, lead to a successfull round of initial recruitment.

Capping out after several months at well over a hundred players, recruitment to the guild was closed to allow the existing member-base to form into a more tight-knit, cohesive group. Eventually, guild recruitment was re-opened and remained open until shortly after The Burning Crusade was released when a significant amount of Blood Elves, mainly alts of the existing members, were allowed in and it was decided that it was again time to work on forming the guild into a more tight-knit community.

The history of the guild, like many other large guilds, is very complex and is subject to much in the way of opinion and personal insight when it comes to specific events. Some members, including the founders of Grunts, have left the guild over time to either join raiding guilds, transfer servers, or leave the game entirely, but others remain from the beginning of the server.

<Grunts> has been called, among other things, a "zerg recruitment" guild by numerous people within the server. Although <Grunts> has a fairly liberal recruitment policy, <Grunts> members are strictly policed with regard to treating each other and members of the Alliance with appropriate respect. This philosophy differs greatly from the pre-concieved stereotype of a "zerg recruitment" guild, as those guilds will generally allow anyone into the guild regardless of behavior. Grunts has, in the past, kicked members for behavior deemed unfit for a Grunt.

<Grunts> has a very clear no spitting policy, where use of the /spit emote is strictly prohibited by guild members. Also, with the exception of certain circumstances (Such as world PvP or as "eye for an eye" treatment) <Grunts> has a no camping policy.

World PvP HistoryEdit

<Grunts> members have been part of a significant portion of all Horde-side organized world PvP, as well as countless scirmishes in respnce to the world defense channel.

Points of note in <Grunts> world PvP history are:

-The Battle of Desolace

-The naked Grunt Fishin' Trip Gone Horribly Wrong

-The Battle for the Keep (An RP event between <Blacktooth Grin> and <Keepers of Stromgare>.

-The Battle for the Exodar

-The defeat of Arch Druid Fandrel Staghelm

-Silvanya's Coup to become Mayor of Lakeshire

-Killing Magni, The Tinker King and High Lord Bolvar in one raid...

And countless others.

More Grunts Fun Edit

<Grunts> also has several other guilds that are a part of our family. For players under level 50 who wish to become a part of the clan there is disGRUNTled, home to lower level alts as well as new members who don't yet meet the level 50 minimum requirement for the mother guild. We also run a banking guild, a 'twink' BG guild, and are the creators of the <Cult of Flying Tauren>

Grunts PvE Progression Edit

While PVE is not the sole focus of the guild we do raid regularly and have Karazhan on farm, several Zul'Aman bosses on farm, have cleared Gruul's Lair and been in Magtheridon's Lair. We are starting to explore The Eye as well.

Joining GruntsEdit

Recruitment is currently open to fill the ranks for delving deeper into the 25 man raids as well as to join us on some of our other crazy adventures. Please see the application at

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