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Overview Edit

This guild was formed on Hydraxis near the end of August 2007. The main goal of the guild is endgame progression with like-minded, fun-loving people. The guild is always willing to consider exceptional applicants, and is usually recruiting to fill at least one spot. To fill out an application goto . For more information you can contact Gyrn or Halomyr in game.

Guild Progress Edit

History Edit

The guild was first conceived on August 26, 2007 on the Hydraxis realm. It was originally founded by four real-life friends: Barqs (Cynnd), Folds (Fold), Halo (Halomyr), and Girngoth (Gyrn). Despite rampant rumors and accusations in the past, it has been made clear that the guild had no prior organization or existence prior to its beginnings on Hydraxis, other than the prior association of the officers on the Anvilmar realm. After about a month of recruiting and organization, the guild cleared Gruul's Lair in early September on its first night of progression raiding with only 22 people.

The group continued to progress at this pace, bringing in at least one boss kill a week up until concluding Tier 5 content with a Kael kill on November 19th. After taking a week off for Thanksgiving and another week to finish up attunements, they are now progressing in Tier 6 content with the hopes of clearing it before Sunwell.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

  • Sunday - Thursday: 8:30 PM EST / 7:30 PM Server Time until 12:00 PM EST / 11:00 PM Server Time
    • Tuesday - Hyjal
    • Wednesday - BT
    • Thursday - BT
    • Sunday - BT
    • Monday - BT

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