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This article is a guild information page for Gnomish Trenchermen of The Venture Co US.

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<Gnomish Trenchermen> is an alliance guild on The Venture Co. The primary focus of the guild is PVE, although they are also active in PVP.

Alliance 32 Gnomish Trenchermen
Name Gnomish Trenchermen
Server The Venture Co US
Leader Zenill
Levels 70
Type PvE
Accounts 50+
Website Gnomish Trenchermen Gnomish Trenchermen @ The Venture Co

Guild progress Edit

The guild is currently on raiding hiatus until WotLK.

History Edit

This guild was originally formed by the merger of <Inveterate Trenchmen> and <GnomelandSecurity>. They originally just raided together for 10 man content and decided that they fit in so well together that they should merge. They're now working on progressing in 25 man content as well as PVP in all forms (battlegrounds, arena, world PVP).

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Varies by week but we typically raid weeknights at 6 pm server time. This will resume once WotLK comes out and we reach 80.

Guild rules Edit

See our forums for a complete list of rules.

Recruitment Edit

If you are interested, apply on our website: [1]. We are not actively recruiting new players at the time but you are welcome to apply.

Officers Edit

Zenill, Guildmaster 
Guild leader. Contact for any questions or info about Gnomish Trenchermen.
Lugubrion, Officer 
Clarabarton, Officer 
Holley, Officer 

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