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Gnome Land Security is an Alliance World of Warcraft guild on the Feathermoon realm.

We are for the most part a casual guild, with an emphasis on fun and comraderie, but also aim to meet the needs of our high level members.

Gnome Land Security is currently the largest Alliance guild on Feathermoon. Often called GLS for short.

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Guild rules Edit

  • Part One: General Guild Conduct

Common sense should prevail, but in lieu of that, here are a few guidelines:

1. We do not tolerate any language that denigrates another’s race, gender, creed, physical or intellectual ability, religion or sexual preference. Please also be mindful of your language in guild chat overall, and set a good example for the young ones. We also do not allow “leetspeak” or “13375p34k” in guild chat.

2. Treat each other as you want to be treated. In other words, remember, there is a real person on the other end of the computer, and they are trying to have fun too.

3. Do not beg, plead, grovel or spam in guild chat for gold or for higher levels to run you through instances. Ask nicely if you require financial aid or help and we will do our best to help, but it can’t always be guaranteed.

4. Be a good representative of Gnome Land Security when you are adventuring in Azeroth.

  • Part Two: Party Etiquette

1. Don’t abandon your party unnecessarily. If you have agreed to run an instance with a number of others, stay until the end. No one is going to be upset if you are faced with an emergency, and need to leave, but otherwise, be in it for the long haul.

2. Always obey the Need before Greed loot system. Only roll need on items that are an upgrade for you at the time. If an item drops that you will be able to use in a few levels, which no one else is interested in, discuss it with your party before rolling need. Typically this is fine in a guild run. 3. Unless you have the specific approval of your party members, always roll Greed on crafting items.

4. Respect other people’s spawns. If it looks like they have been working hard to achieve a goal, e.g. get to a chest, do not run in and loot it before they get a chance. Unless you are faced with someone that is undoubtedly a gold farmer, make an effort to share spawns, be it mobs or resource nodes, with others in the area.

5. Don’t be a combat looter! If your party members are still fighting, you should be too.

6. Inform others of the role you intend to fill before you set out on an adventure. If you are a shadow priest or a feral druid, make sure that your party is aware that your role is DPS, not primarily healing. That being said, if you do have an atypical spec, and your party requires healing, you should try to support your primary healer.

7. Stick with your party, and don’t run ahead (unless they are expecting you to).

8. Mind the mana! Casters often need to drink to recover mana. Please allow them to take regular breaks for a swig of crystal water.

  • Part Three: Misc

1. If you are a crafter, do not charge a guild member more than cost for crafting work. If they want to pay you more, that is their prerogative. The exception to this rule is for crafted items that have a cooldown period. Please recognise that this is a limited source of income for the crafter. It is reasonable for them to ask you to pay them for this service, however it would be expected that they would offer discounts to guild members.

This Guild has built itself on its reputation as a friendly and honourable group of players. Let’s keep it that way.


Officers Edit

  • Guild Goddess - The Guilds Leader
  • Officers - The Guilds Supervisors
   Rascelle - Alt of Fille
  • Deputies - The Guilds Assistant Supervisors
   Ciarris - Alt of Mystral
   Firnel - Alt of Eligh
   Kensari - Alt of Melhakeem
   Littelle - Alt of Rascelle
   Merianna - Alt of Saiah
   Milylha - Alt of Vivacia
   Nouvelle - Alt of Fille
   Stormchilde - Alt of Starkaad
   Tielle - Alt of Acaila
  • This page was kicked into existence by Argeris, under the permission of Littelle, and is currently awaiting official editing. Most information was taken off GLS website.

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