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Glory and Beer is an Alliance guild on the Kel'Thuzad US PVP server.

Glory and Beer was founded in April, 2005, as a "friendly raiding" guild. Its membership is encouraged to act in a fun but mature fashion, avoiding gratuitous anti-social behavior, bad language and insults.

Glory and Beer is a (usually) benevolent dictatorship, though the Dictator lives in the hope that one day the Officers will overthrow him and let him "just play."

Membership in Glory and Beer is always open to fun, friendly people regardless of their particular class, spec, or skill.

You should ONLY join this guild if you're real life oriented, prefer to be brainwashed and follow the rules of being a "family/kid friendly" follower.

Aug. 2007 - The leadership of Glory and Beer have decided it is time to move forward in progression faster than our previous pace and have changed from a social guild that raids to a casual raiding guild.

Leadership / ContactsEdit

Glory and Beer is currently led by Rathbreave. The Executive Officers include Min, Blackacid, Toonces and Wickedhahhd. For those that know him Nacmacfeegle is still in the guild but the Officers succeeded in getting him to step down for a while for reason known to his friends online.


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