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The Fury guild was formed on Baelgun. It is dedicated towards end game instances, and we only recruit people 70+ with talent and good personalities. To fill out an application goto We are currently looking for Ranged DPS and healers. Melee DPS recruiting is closed at the moment.

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

R A G E (Now known as Fury) originated from a subgroup within the Royal Knights of Azeroth. The parent guild, RKOA, had grown substantially in

numbers to over 100, however, most were low level alts. As the guild progressed into raiding, KARA and ZA quickly fell,

however, some of the guild members wanted more. The guild of over 100 strong failed to have enough level 70's to approach 25

man content and a core group began to develop ideas of a high level raiding guild in order to attack the new content in the

Wrath of the Lich King expansion. The founding members included Killert (Erty), Motocloud, Curtdawg, Krystilana, Malkuran,

Zepherous, Daroku, and Doric. On October ___, 2008 the group broke off and RAGE was born. The intent of this new guild was

to level our main characters to 80 as fast as possible with Killert and Moto leading the way. Once the core group reached

level 80 we would begin raiding in 10-man content. The thoughts were that as the guild progressed into raiding word would

spread and others might join...

Weekly raid schedule Edit

We do Naxx 10 man almost daily, 25 man we reserve for Friday and Saturday. OS and Vault 10 mans we do whenever we can and OS

25 man and Eye of Eternity we raid on a weekly basis.

Guild rules Edit

Guild Membership & Recruitment

1. Fury is composed of only high level characters (70+), and is geared toward end-game raiding.

2. Fury does not allow alt characters unless your main character is in Fury. Since we are focused on guild progression

through end-game content, we need all members to make Fury their first guild priority. In addition, only high level alts

are accepted (see rule 1).

3. Members are encouraged to suggest potential guild members to an officer so that they can be evaluated. Only officers can

offer a guild invite to someone. Before an invite, officers or members must run with the applicant and make sure they are a

good fit for the guild.

Guild Ranks

1. Fury is run by the founding council members and those members that have been promoted to council status. However, we

take all members' input seriously so please talk to an officer if you have any concerns/questions/suggestions for the guild.

2. Council members are voted for by the current officers. Members can nominate themselves or other members for council


3. Other ranks include Applicant, Initiate, and Member. Reaching those ranks requires the following:

               Applicant: Starting rank until we know the member is trustworthy, no GB access
               Initiate: A newer member, Limited GB access
               Member: A full member, Full GB access

4. Sometimes guild promotions can be missed, so if you feel you should be promoted, please talk to an officer.

Guild Bank

1. Our guild bank is kept nicely stocked thanks to our members. Please contribute when you can by putting in money or items.

2. Guild bank repairs should be reserved for guild runs only, not including heroics. If you are having in-game economic

troubles, you can use the guild bank for repairs, but try not to make it a habit.

3. Guild bank logs will be reviewed regularly by the officers. If someone is abusing the guild bank, they will be talked to

and possibly have their access restricted.

--Gearlocke (talk) 05:24, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

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