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Basic Information Edit

Introduction Edit

Holding its first raid on June 5, 2007, Fulcrum is one of the newer guilds on the Feathermoon realm. While the name and roster are new, most of the people in the guild are quite familiar with each other, many of them raiding together as members of the Small Guild Alliance. The largest group of members of Fulcrum came from the Poets of the Blade, the largest of the SGA guilds.

Fulcrum's goal is to explore the various dungeons, caverns, space ships and spooky buildings throughout the land of Azeroth. To that end, the guild is always looking to increase its ranks and bring in experienced adventurers. The website has an application for prospective members as well as discussion areas for tactics, trade goods, RP adventures, and other things.

Raid Policies Edit

These aren't really official but are a good indication of how we like things run.

  • Be Present

Raid progress is hindered when the raid has to bring in new people due to absences. Until we can get an encounter at "farm status", it is imperative that our regulars show up for each raid day. However, real life does come first and there are times you are unable to raid. If that happens and you have the ability to, let one of the raid leaders know by sending them an in-game mail. Also, please post in the attendance forum any absences you know you'll be taking. This will help the raid find a suitable replacement in time for the raid.

  • Be Punctual

If the raid begins at 6pm, please be at the entrance at 6pm, or at least make an effort to be there. Invites go out roughly 15-20 minutes before the raid so make sure you're ready to get the invite. Sometimes you'll be late. Everyone understands this. If you know ahead of time that you're going to be late, let a raid leader know and post it in the attendance forum. That way we'll know to expect you.

  • Be Prepared

For each raid encounter make sure:

    • You come repaired. It's a real drag when, after one or two fights, someone has to go repair because they forgot to and their gear's already busted.
    • You come with necessary consumables (health/mana pots, wizard/mana oil, various elixirs, etc.). The raid has potion makers, enchanters, etc. that can make whatever you need. If you can't make it yourself and what you need is either not in the auction house or too expensive, find out the mats, get them, and have someone in the raid make them for you.
    • You come armed with knowledge. Especially if the encounter is in a new dungeon or with a new boss, or one we're struggling with, use some free time to read up on the encounter/dungeon we're working on. WoWWiki has good write-ups of the various encounters as well as links to other sites that have video, etc.
    • You come online with Ventrilo. The raid uses Vent as its voice communications utility. If your machine can run WoW and Vent, insure you have it and can log into the raid channel. It helps immensely to be able to hear commands, etc., especially in the heat of battle. If you are unable to run Vent, let someone know so accommodations can be made.

Raid Progression Edit

We have cleared the following dungeons:

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