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Frostbyte is an Alliance, PvE guild on Bloodhoof EU.

Overview Edit

Raid Progress (TBC) Edit

Done Karazhan
Done Gruul's Lair
Undone Magtheridon's Lair
Undone Serpentshrine Cavern (1/6)
Undone Tempest Keep: The Eye (1/4)
Undone Mount Hyjal
Undone Black Temple

Recruitment Edit

For further information on recruitment please read this forum or whisper Blunkett, Creel or Halfrek in-game.

Guild Statement Edit

The guild was started as an offshoot of the Frostbyte Clan (which has existed through many years and games), but has since grown to be just about the largest guild on Bloodhoof. Admittedly, the size may be linked to the staggering numbers of alt characters played by some of the members.

A relaxed yet successful raiding environment, regular guild meets and an appreciation that real life can come first, make Frostbyte one of the least conventional guilds around...
But in a good way!

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