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General Edit

Name: From The Ashes

Side: Alliance 15Alliance

Specc: PvE Guild

Can be found on Shattered Hand


Guildmaster: Sloeberke

Officers: OmniBrutus & Kodiak

From the Ashes is a community of people who love to raid and cooperate to take down difficult encounters. At the moment we have over 100 members in the guild consiting of hardcore-gamers, veterans and friends.

We expect our members to prepare for raids, that is: reading strategies, knowing their role in a raid and show up for raids with the best possible gear with best enchants. We take raiding serious and expect fast progress but also dedication from our members.

Raiding times are 19.30 till 23.30 on the days from Sunday till Thursday. In these days we focus on MH/BT. Weekends are often used to clear karazhan and in the future Zul'aman.

For recruiment u can go to our forum:

History Edit

FTA was founded by Pinky a.k.a. Nubbalina in April 2006. This because a lot old Stella Necia members where looking for a new guild. Under his command they ventured into BWL and AQ40. Command was passed to Omnibrutus later on when it was time to take a look in Naxxramas. By the time the raiding started in the Burning Crusade it was who Sloeberke took everyone into SSC and TK where he managed to clear it of all buggs. Mount Hyjal and the Black Temple are now cleared, ready for the future instance Sunwell.

Progress Edit

Pre-Burning Crusade

- MC: Cleared

- BWL: Cleared

- AQ40: C’thun down

- Naxx: 6 bosses down

Burning Crusade Instances

- Karazhan: Cleared

- Gruul’s Lair: Cleared

- Magtheridon: Cleared

- SSC: Cleared

- The Eye: Cleared

- Mount Hyjal: Cleared

- Black Temple: Cleared

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