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From The Ashes II is an English speaking Halfcore PvE guild (partaking in some PvP) on Bladefist EU. This guild's faction is Horde. The guild's focus is on 25-man raids.

They are renowned for their social aspect of the game, mainly on their ventrilo server and also for the rep they regained from the remake of an older guild, From the Ashes.


From The Ashes was a famous guild created by Azzuro (level 60 Troll Rogue) in vanilla wow, they progressed through most content shy of Naxxramas. They had very good reputation across the server and across wow in general. With the problems of the server migration and with an officer of the guild, the guild was split in two, with some members migrating and the others disbanding the guild. The main members moved to a few different guilds when 1 year on, Azzuro was convinced to reform the guild, to come back as a pre WotLK guild. The guild was reformed as From the Ashes II, with the main aim of preparing for Wrath. Just before Wotlk the leadership of the guild was passed to Acxle (Tauren Hunter) to carry the guild into the new expansion, so Azzuro could play a death knight on a more casual level. The guild completed a fair wack of Burning Crusade raids, recruiting members off reputation from the year before. However, with the open migrations to bladefist, the reputation had to be rebuilt. New members joined, some who are still involved and some who have moved on. They went into WotLK quite casually with no rush, and in a short space of time started on the content. They are now clearing all content including some hard mode content in preparation for Icecrown Citadel.


  • Guild Leader; Acxle (Survival Hunter)
  • Assistant Guild Leader; Dreamwarden (Feral Druid)
  • Officer; Asda (Restoration Druid)
  • Officer; Vossy (Resto Shaman)
  • Officer; Juniden (Protection Paladin)

Current progressEdit

Planned Raid TimesEdit

  • Wednesday 25 man - 7-10 Server Time
  • Friday 10 man - 8-11~ Server Time
  • Sunday - 7-10 Server Time


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