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Four Lights is a PvE raiding guild whose focus is on having fun while progressing into the endgame. We raid three nights a week, three hours a night. We edge away from calling ourselves hardcore because our philosophy is on fun first and progression a close second, but with ICC 25 clear, and almost half the hard modes down, we are far from a casual guild.

This guild was formed on Malfurion. It is dedicated towards end game instances, and we only recruit people with experience. To fill out an application goto For more information you can contact Kurodan, Saddith, or Gailadora in game.

Guild progress Edit

Recruiting Edit

Currently Four Lights is seeking Melee DPS and Healers. Any healer will be welcome, but we'd prefer Restoration Druids and Holy Paladins.

History Edit

This guild was originally formed by Saddith, Gaildora, & Kurodan and a group of friends as an attempt to start and endgame guild Pre-BC. That idea tanked for various reasons. After an almost two years with another guild, thing started to drift apart due to the usual guild drama. Deciding that enough was enough, a portion of the guild splintered off and started their own endgame initiative in September of 2007. After a bit of a start-up period work resumed on Gruul's Lair and then they quickly climbed up the endgame ladder.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • Tuesday, 8:00 PM Server
  • Wednesday, 8:00 PM Server
  • Thursday, 8:00 PM Server

All raids last 3 hours. Currently, special achievement optional runs are held on Monday. 10 Man raids are held on an ad hoc basis.

Guild rules Edit

  • This is a serious raiding guild and as such every person is expected to be able to come to at least 2 runs a week.
    • If you are unable to make it for a week or more you must notify your class leader.
  • We use an EPGP system for loot.

Officers Edit

Kurodan, Guildmaster
Guild leader, Raid Leader, Death Knight Class Leader.
Saddith, Guildmaster
Guild Leader, Recruitment, Guild Tailor, Achievement Czar. In charge of taking applications from new recruits!
Gailadora, Guildmaster
Guild Leader, Guild Bank, Druid Class Leader, Guild Enchanter. Has every enchant known to man.
Slarz, Officer
Officer, Mage Class Leader.
Deathknigh, Officer
Officer, Raid Leader. Not actually a Death Knight.
Spazztic, Officer
Rygara, Class Leader
Rogue Class Leader, Guild Leatherworker.
Smooshie, Class Leader
Shaman Class Leader.
Farol, Class Leader
Hunter Class Leader, Guild Engineer. Official Raid Wiper.
Arkkangel, Class Leader
Priest Class Leader, Healing Czar.
Trollock, Guild Banker
Guild Banker.

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