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Forsaken Alliance is a casual PvE guild with a structured foundation and large amount of play experience. New members are held to high standards of conduct and all members treat others with respect regardless of in-game or out-of-game issues. Members are welcome to join for casual PVE Gaming, Dungeon/Instance Raiding, or PVP Mayhem. We have a lot of good times as a guild and enjoy even low level playing. The majority of members have multiple 85 characters and enjoy helping members to level and play alongside of us.

This guild was formed on Durotan. It is dedicated towards teamplay and a family oriented atmosphere, we only recruit people who can stick to our high standards of personal behavior and are here to enjoy the game. We all enjoy getting fat lewtz and progression into the game, but not at the expense of friendship and common decency.

Guild Progress Edit

Still here since vanilla.

History Edit

This guild was originally formed by Deirdre, Asmodon, & Xenrix (aka Zup / Collera) on the 18th of June 2005. As WoW progresses, so does Forsaken Alliance. By maintaining a very strict recruitment standard we hope to maintain a joyful and family environment for our guild to enjoy.

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