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Forgotten Heroes is an end-game PVE guild on the Black Dragonflight server.

Overview Edit

Guild Progress Edit

Pre-BC Edit

Post-BC Edit

History Edit

Forgotten Heroes formed on the Burning Blade server in the first days of retail. After evolving into a top-end PVE guild, they achieved the server first kill on Onyxia (co-held with Manifest Destiny), Ragnaros, Nefarian, C'Thun, and many raid instance sub-bosses. They also achieved the world first kill on Maexxna, which was the first worldwide kill of a Naxxramas general as well. The guild transferred to the Black Dragonflight US server in July 2006.

The guild is currently ranked #9 in the U.S. according to Wowjutsu.[1]

Officers Edit

Mystaria, Guildmaster 
GM, shaman class rep, raid leader.
Nakom, Class Rep  
Warrior class rep, eloquent sarcastic Brit, sometimes confused as GM.
Mekasha, Class Rep 
Mage class rep, walking encyclopedia.
Stoney, Class Rep 
Hunter class rep, studied under Grandmaster Rave.
Juvey, Class Rep 
Druid class rep, Cuban loudmouth.
Joyimui, Class Rep 
Paladin class rep, she Asian.
Elaithe, Class Rep 
Rogue class rep, teach man.

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